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The Spamverses are a handful of verses created by Het828282, So-Safe, Rwa54r, and StopllSC. All of the Spamverses got erased from

reality by the cosmic savior YellowMarkers1 because they were horrible verses, but the Spamverses still exist in other realities.

The Spamverses

There are exactly 5 Spamverses. All of them were created at roughly the same time, in 10893 OYC. All of them are weirdly enough, perfectly spherical and exactly 10 LY across.

Spamverse #1 (The Poopverse)

The first Spamverse is filled with poop. That is extremely disgusting, and it also smells extremely bad. All explorers that entered Spamverse #1 fainted in less than 1 minute after visiting the verse, and died roughly 10 minutes later.

No life ever existed in Spamverse #1 because of the smell of the Spamverse. Spamverse #1 has also caused life outside it to die of the stench. Because of that, this verse was the first Spamverse to be terminated by YellowMarkers1 due to just how dangerous it is.

Spamverse #2 (The Nothingverse)

Spamverse #2 is simply a void 10 LY across. This Spamverse is quite safe, and there is microscopic life similar to tardigrades that float around this Spamverse.

This verse was the last verse to be terminated by YellowMarkers1 due to it just being another void in the cosmos and its danger level (very safe).

Spamverse #3 (The Linkverse)

Spamverse #3 is a Spamverse with tons of unnecessary links, tunnels that connect verses together on a higher reality. This Spamverse was created by Rwa45r. This Spamverse was the second Spamverse to be terminated by YellowMarkers.

Spamverse #4 (The Unoriginal Verse)

Spamverse #4, also known as The Random Hallway, is a mostly empty verse containing a handful microorganisms. The microorganisms have created a monarchy, with a king at the top and worker microorganisms at the bottom. This Spamverse got terminated due to its name being so similar to another thing. When YellowMarkers1 terminated it, the entire microorganism monarchy got wiped out, and now there is no life anymore.

It was the 4th Spamverse to get terminated by YellowMarkers1.

Spamverse #5 (The Buildings Verse)

Spamverse #5 was a Spamverse that solely consisted of broken English and random buildings such as the Portidomverse, Omniverse Tower, Teylomonomega Tower, and many more horrible things.

This verse was the 3rd Spamverse to get terminated by YellowMarkers1.