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The Sphere is an indestructible verse shaped exactly like a sphere. All attempts to destroy it, even those from

entities like Dunkey Kong have failed, and it is to soon be known what lies under The Sphere's impenetrable solid casing.

The only entities that can see what is inside The Sphere are gods who have full access to The Core of Everything, like Gerald. Even those gods cannot penetrate The Sphere's outer shell. The shell has been penetrated by the combined effort from an Unknown ToG and Jartos, although this was quickly stopped. The Sphere has now remained untouched for a relatively long time.


The Sphere was discovered by Dunkey Kong when he was cruising through an Omniverse. He found The Sphere floating around inside an Avtaverse, and went to examine it.

Dunkey Kong somehow could not enter it or penetrate its solid outer layer. Squishing it into a singularity didn't work either, since the sphere also appeared to be infinitely dense.

No method of drilling, corrupting, glitching, exploding, penetrating, burning, compressing, shattering, or hitting has broke The Sphere.

New methods of destroying things are always tried daily, but none have worked so far.

Interesting facts


The Sphere, like many other objects, has a few anomalous properties.

  • The Sphere is infinitely dense, yet can still retain its huge diameter and perfectly spherical shape.
  • The Sphere does not emit any electromagnetic radiation.
  • The Sphere has been found to change color at certain times.
  • The Sphere is currently the only object that Dunkey Kong somehow can't destroy.


  • The Sphere has an unknown origin, although it is a widely-held belief that a Transcendent Omni God buffed The Sphere, thus allowing it to not be destroyed by any entity inside the AD cosmologies.
  • It is certain that there is life somewhere inside The Sphere. However, this life has not and probably never will be contacted.


The Sphere, over long periods of time, has found to change appearances/properties. These changes in appearance are patterned, and they have given creatures a better insight of what is actually inside the sphere.

Fractal State

The Sphere has been found to change its appearance from opaque to transparent every 3 OYC. When The Sphere's outer layer is transparent, it reveals a fractal-like interior. However, the fractal, when zoomed deep enough, seems to stop at a certain point in space that isn't infinitely small. It is still unknown what lies at that center point. This state lasts for approximately 1.283 Earth days.

Corrupting State

Every 1 OYC, The Sphere will become extremely corrosive to the touch. Anything that touches The Sphere during this state will immediately get sent to Unexistence except for Omni-gods and other extremely powerful entities. This state lasts for Earth days.

Radioactive State

The Sphere has also been known to glow an extremely bright light green every 0.4 OYC. When The Sphere is in this state, it will give off ridiculous levels of radiation that can not be found in any other regular verse. During this state, no expedition is to be sent to The Sphere. This state lasts for exactly 172 Earth days.

Color-Changing state

Unlike any other states of The Sphere, this state is purely random and can happen anytime. During this state, The Sphere changes colors at random intervals for approximately 7.79 days. These colors can also be outside the visible spectrum, and that can make The Sphere appear sort of invisible.

If you stare at The Sphere too long when it is in the Color-Changing state, your eyes will experience serious eye strain, which can harm your vision a lot. That has made many creatures always wear eye protection when getting close to The Sphere.