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  • (Note: This page is not in the main canon).

The Spinosaurus is a creature that dwells through Metaversal voids and goes around consuming Multiverses as its diet.

Rarely, however, the Spinosarus does eat post-Multiversal objects; the largest object reportedly eaten by the Spinosarus was a whole Box.

It swims at times the speed of light ().

Appearance: A more vicious armored spinosaurus.

It is relatively unknown by type 1 class civilizations, but level omega civilizations know all about him.

His size is so immense even always is dwarfed by it.

But he mainly eats Cosmic Fish and multiverse's.

He is contained by the primordial verse.

He is just an animal so He isn't immortal but is super super tough, only THE 8 DIVINE GODS can kill him if they decided to. But even though a lot of things on this wiki are more powerful than him and larger. If you encountered him you would regret it...

He is an insanely large spinosaurus from the spino-verse. His diet is mainly multiverse's, small Omnifish, and sometimes xenoverse's. The Spinosaurus is known as the largest creature for a reason, its eyeball alone is the size of a box.

Has a brother named Spinosaurus, Lord of yes (NOT REALLY)

How Do I Travel Across The Beasts Whole Body In My Lifetime?

Use Glitchonicite to glitch your uqraek fibers to the point your physical form breaks apart and is ejected at the cruising speed of the spinosaurus across its body, but doing this you would speed up and zoom right passed it ending up in The Point of No Return, you would get a quick peek of going across it but ultimately be sent to The Point Of No Return.


It started out in the spino-verse but began growing at an alarming rate and only stopped at the size of two always! It happened about 50 billion years ago.


His form has his uqraek fibers glued together so they can never come apart! meaning his form cannot be altered unless he chooses to. He has destroyed a couple of box's by using a tail whip and ate their contents, Multiverse's Metaverse's etc.


The Spinus Twins, Spinosaurus, Lord of yes

What is in it's uqraek fibers?

Instead of having protoverse's to give the uqraek fibers energy, It uses Spino's which have lots of energy, 10x that of the energy in protoverse's