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The Store is a small, cubic building of sorts anchored onto the side of a small pocket dimension. It has a single creature inside of it, who is willing to sell all sorts of items to creatures.


The Store is divided into a handful of separate rooms that can be entered through "holes" on the side of each room. Most of these rooms are inaccessible, with only 3 rooms currently known to be accessible.

The Counter

The Counter is the name given to the first area of The Store. It is the room which contains the creature who sells their items. A couple boxes are scattered around here, all containing nothing.

The Storage Room

This is the second room in The Store, and is filled with boxes of varying sizes and material. Most of these boxes are filled with various items. New items are added to this room daily, creating an endless source of things to sell.

The Empty Room

This is the biggest room that has been entered, and has nothing in it.

A diagram of The Store's rooms, with the red parts being the entrances to other rooms.

The Seller

The creature that runs the store resembles a humanoid creature with no visible facial or bodily features. Its hands have 2 fingers with 5 fingers branching off each of them. This creature seems to be mute, and will communicate through sign language. This creature has been dubbed as "The Seller" by many creatures who stumbled upon The Store.

The Seller has a very ambiguous past, due to it not being able to communicate very well. The Seller appears to be one of the only creatures left of its species, and is also extremely old.

The Currency

The currency used to buy the items from The Store, also known as Vpom, seems to be ancient, with no

Vpom's symbol

traces of it in almost every history text from the First Realm. The Seller is the only known user of the Vpom. Scans of the Vpom present in The Store shows that it was almost OYC old, making it the oldest known currency in the entire First Realm still in use. Vpom is scattered around The Store, with a few huge stashes of them being present in the space around the pocket dimension which The Store is located in.

There are no extra denominations for Vpom, with Vpom only coming in single coins. However, these coins are magnetic and can be stuck together to make carrying large amounts of them easier.

The Items

The Creature sells many items, most of which do not seem to be from any known verse or civilization. These items all cost Vpom.

Meat Nuggets

Meat nuggets of some sort are present in The Store. These meat nuggets only cost 1 Vpom, making it the cheapest thing that can be bought in The Store. These meat nuggets have been claimed to all taste different, as if they were each from a separate species.

"Undefined" flavored Ice Cream

Ice cream is also present in The Store, but only come in one flavor: undefined. Undefined flavored ice cream costs 3 Vpom, and has an undefined, pretty much indescribable flavor. All creatures reported to not be able to taste anything for over 14 minutes after first tasting the ice cream. Due to this ice cream existing, it is thought that a fridge exists somewhere in The Store.

Metal Rods

Metal rods can also be bought at The Store. Default metal rods are composed of titanium, and cost 3 Vpom. There are also options to change what material the metal rods are made of, and if a metal rod is made with another type of metal, it will cost 4 Vpom.


The Store has sold many books as well. Currently, 5 unique books can be bought at The Store. Each one of these books cost 8 Vpom, and all are written in an archaic language that has yet to be deciphered. All of these books are 314 pages long.


Weirdly enough, cubes with a size of exactly 103 centimeters can also be bought. These cubes cost 10 Vpom, and can have their color customized to whatever color you want. These cubes are very hard to destroy, and are relatively heavy compared to how small they are.

Plasma Gun

Plasma guns are the only known weapon that can be obtained in The Store. These plasma guns all seem to be an extremely old model, and are very inefficient, with a max firing range of only 10 feet. Plasma guns cost 14 Vpom.

Element Signs

The Seller can give you a sign with the name of a random element, along with its atomic number and mass. These signs all cost 40 Vpom. The Seller has been seen to create these signs in a matter of seconds with just its bare hands.


The Seller also somehow has hold of Toxicium, an extremely corrosive and corruptive element which is extremely dangerous to handle. The Seller seems to be immune to this element, and can hold it directly in its hands without any problems. Toxicium costs a relatively low price of 30 Vpom. Each customer who buys the dangerous element from The Store will get a container which is Toxicium resistant as a means to contain the Toxicium.

Decorative Vpom

You can also buy the decorative kind of Vpom at The Store. These Vpom are only used for decoration, and you will get 10 of them for every 1,000 Vpom you spend on the items at The Store. Decorative Vpom do not have the magnetic coating that regular Vpom has.

Primordium Particles

The Store has many stashes of Primordium Particles (Primordium Delta, Primordium Alpha, Primordium Omega, Primordium Sigma). These particles can be bought individually or in groups of 5, 10, or 10,000. The prices for each Primordium Particle are listed below.

  • Primordium Sigma costs 20 Vpom
  • Primordium Alpha and Omega cost 50 Vpom
  • Primordium Delta costs 7400 Vpom

The Store

The Store also sells... The Store. Yes, The Store IS on sale, and can be bought for approximately Vpom. So far, no one has attempted to buy the entire Store. This is due to The Seller being extremely protective of The Store, going so far as to threaten creatures who try to buy The Store. Why this is even an offer is still unknown.


Pencils are the most expensive items in The Store, and cost well over

Vpom. Pencils are basically impossible to buy from The Store due to the total estimated amount of Vpom ever created not even being close to the amount required to buy a pencil.

Primordialverse Portals

The Portals to enter the Primordialverse are actually quite cheap, for their capabilties.