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The Structure is a mysterious construct discovered by a group of investigators from a nearby verse system. Its purpose is unknown, except it seemed to be in an idle state.

Log entry

Date 5555 33 124 11 110


Exploration reveals a gigantic complex consists of a variety of energy fields. Some of these were unrecognised energy. Preliminary field scan is now performed


Field scan data revealed what is described as an impossible "spherical" intensity with 3 satellites of energy (henceforth [sphere]). This include pitch black, self luminous white and plain. The aforementioned energy fields permeated the central [sphere] with a "orbiting" intensity

"But that is impossible, Helen. We are nowhere near any of those Wikiverses"

"Have a read about them yourself, will you?"


"Strange... how can they all be here, without actually be here..."

One of the items recovered from the expedition

In addition to the aforementioned structures, an unknown glowing energy is seen. Closer inspection revealed a necklace shaped object with a glowing unknown material. It appears to be recently activated


"We need to go deeper"

"IntHelper MK 3200: FieldIntensity nullified"

"Let's go!"


[Sphere]'s intensity resolved into what appears to be some kind of control chamber. At what appears to be a screen, a structure resembling The Box was seen. Dots of intensity of superiority were found "around" this structure and came in two different varieties. There's also an unknown intensity that is recognised as "internal" to this structure, accompanied with the following description in an unknown language:



"These are some intriguing discoveries here"

"We better report back to HQ to request for more resources to continue this investigation"

1 0020

(Investigation Team B joined the expedition)

Analysis with Scranton Reality Anchors on the necklace showed a weird reading of 0401.25.260 Humes. Various Type Greens have been enlisted to help deciphering the weird readings as there is some hints of multiple Humes in superposition

The Structure remains idle. More fieldwork is currently undertaken to better understand its nature

"O by the way, the Anderson Coordinates are wrong. The Library manager need to update those because it is not that low"

3 0044

(Another day at the site)

"WTF is that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Look to your right, this whitish intensity here"



"Whatever that grotesque thing is... whatever touching it will make being in pain juice pale in comparision..."


4 0100

(Yet another day at the site)

"Ooooo interesting..."


"Something colorless, and in 6 dimensions..."

"Hmm let me see"


"Ugh, why are those abominations were found here?"

4 0110

"WTF is Anderson Coordinates?"

"You know how every intensity has its signature? Well for intensities that is vaguely like space, you can assign some kind of x,y,z to them. The Anderson coordinates, conceived by the great mind that is Peter Anderson, helps to put an order to this whole intensity resolution business"


5 0220

"There is something happening now"

785 0294

"Hmm.. it seemed to have quiet down in some kind of murmur"