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The Structure Of Everything contains everything that could be contained by realms accessible in a specific Hyperdimension domain. Realms get looser containment laws as we go further, so it acts like a benchmark of loose containment.

These containment laws are bounded in a unknown Hyperdimension (probably H(4) or H(ω)), allowing this structure to be supercontained by other things.

So, the only way to go further is to be in a object supercontains it, not something loosely contains it.


The structure of this object is entirely abstract. The positions in this object are often relative to the positions in its hierarchy, shown below.


It has a universal hierarchy which can be used to describe the scale in which something contains something lower than itself, for example, a Multiverse to a Universe.

Some may claim something loosely contains the structure of everything, they are wrong, as that specific item is just very high up on the structure, by containment laws from a unspecific realm. Due to its properties, its size is a entirely new infinite number. But it was supercontained by higher objects.

The Everything Number

This is an infinite number which has the property of being infinitely larger than any number that doesn't have the specific property of being larger than this number. Due to the inaccessibility of this number, this structure can only be escaped by asking Him (or any stronger entity) to let you out of this place. The Structure of Everything isn't a physical containing verse, meaning Reality does not contain it.

This number can be described as "Absolute Everything."