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The Subfinal Verse, as you may expect, is the verse directly before the final verse in The Extended Hierarchy, and it is contained by The Final Verse and all of its candidates. This verse contains The Final Final, The Final Final's first Archreality, The Final Final's second Archreality, The Final Final's third Archreality, and so on. It also contains some other objects, which will now be described in detail.

Section 1: The Galaxy

Almost all of The Subfinal Verse, averaging around 95% of the verse (depends on the time, but approximately every 1.75 OYC the size of the Galaxy returns to where it was before) is taken up by an object called 'the Galaxy'. Unsurprisingly, it is shaped like a four-armed spiral galaxy, and it has a hole in the center. This is where almost all Final Finals and their Archrealities are found.

Image of the Galaxy. The darker part of the center is actually a hole.


There are 3 recognized layers of The Galaxy:

  • The Outer Spiral: This part contains the blue and purple areas of the Galaxy, mostly containing stray, broken objects, sections or megastructures of Final Finals.
  • The Inner Torus: This section actually contains Final Finals, with higher Archrealities being closer to the center of the Galaxy.
  • The hole section: This is definitely the most interesting part of the Galaxy. The center of this section is completely empty, having a strong repulsive force to most types of matter.

The Outer Spiral

As mentioned, The Outer Spiral does not contain verses, only structures and objects from in The Final Final. It also contains small clouds of hydrogen, helium, and lithium.

For more information, see The Final Final.

Because the parts of The Outer Spiral are less massive then Final Finals, it only makes sense that they would stray away from the center of the Galaxy. The reason that Final Finals may fall apart is currently unknown, but it may be that these portions formed into Final Finals.