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The Supremum of Chaos is the second smallest antipode of the Grasslands.

It is the totality, end, and maximum of chaos, unpredictability, and randomness. A vessel of total unpredictability, disorientation, and unorderness.

The dimensionality used the function. This is the chaos function. When combined and used with other functions, mainly the order function , it outputs specific properties of chaos of a thing. Here, we can define as the totality of chaos itself.

An interesting property naturally arises from the order and chaos functions, where the existence rank of a thing is equal to .

The Thubbunurrhypil, or "white heads", more distorted this time than The Supremum of Order, concentrates at one point into a mixture of total uninterpretation.

The Supremum of Chaos is heavily theorized to be interlinked with The Supremum of Order in more than many ways. Order and chaos are themselves strongly connected, so it is only reasonable to consider the primary for the finalities of both. There is, however, more evidence to suggest those claims. More than just speculations, as it turns out. The leading theory states that the singularities of The Supremum of Chaos and The Supremum of Order are the same, that is to say, these two share the same singularity.

The Thubbunurrhypil of The Supremum of Order appear slightly different from that of The Supremum of Chaos. It is unknown whether these are two different beings or the same, possibly even different species and have a common ancestor.