The Supremum of Limits

The Supremum of Limits.png

The Supremum of Limits is the second largest antipode of the Grasslands.

The limits of order, the limits of chaos, the limits of noise, the limits of existence, the limits of nonexistence, the limits of super-existence, the limits of dimensions, the limits of the Realm, the limits of life, the limits of death, the limits of eternity, the limits of laws, the limits of limits, the limits of limits of limits, the limits of infinite limit iteration, the limit of infinite permanence, the limit of sanity, the limit of insanity, the limit of truth, the limit of birth, the limit of reality, the limit of continuous being, the limit of everything, the limit of above zero, but not the limit of zero.

Oddly, the technology required to escape this verse is an alternate version of already existent tech. By creating a Berryverse, which contains itself a finite amount of times, and going to the outside of it, it breaks logic, allowing you to escape this verse. Anything containing this verse doesn't actually contain this verse, it is just on a higher level of a sort of "meta-containment".

The dimensionality mentions the use of the function and . is the order function, which is used in combination with other functions to produce the so called "order" of a thing. is an incredibely complex constant. It is the constant of size. Just like Euler's constant () is the constant of growth.

The Thubbunurrhypil are at a limit of distortion, with the 4 main and largest Thubbunurrhypil, Quarterthubbunurrhypil, turning black instead of white.

Studying The Supremum of Limits is practically impossible and useless. Nothing can be obtained from The Supremum of Limits. When it comes to hand outs of knowledge, The Supremum of Limits gives empty hands.

To give a biref and foolishly insignificant example of the sheer difficulty of finding anything on this being / object, when scientists were calculating the approximate position of The Supremum of Limits with respect to any object from the first Realm, the value diverges into random gibberish infinities and randoms. However, when scientists calculate the position of The Supremum of Limits with respect to 2nd Realmly objects, like the Yetmmud, the values converges, but it is unknown as to what it converges to.

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