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The Supremum of Order is the smallest of the five antipodes of the Grasslands.

This verse contains everything that abides by the axiom of order, making everything between it and The Supremum of Chaos extremely dangerous to travel in.

The totality and end to order and ordering. The final ordering, unsurpasable by anything with the capability of being ordered, or being ordered itself.

The dimensionality mentions the function. That is the unary order function. When mixed and used with other formulas, it can describe many properties of a thing's order. In this case, is the totality of order itself.

The Thubbunurrhypil, in other words, the "white heads", converge and distort into a central singularity of total order and disorder. Total chaos, noise and infinity, but order, arrangement and finity. Every single "white head" represents a fraction of order, with all of order being represented.

The mystery behind The Supremum of Order and the other antipodes are completely shrouded in mystery. At the singularity of total order disqualification, all current known science and mathematics fail. Nothing works properly and formulas that should work, all output differing values. It is believed that this pole converges at the "surface" of our Realm, facing the opposite direction to the Grasslands, but proving this is something modern Realm-wide mathematics and science isn't ready for and capable of yet.

These Thubbunurrhypil are thought to be creatures of the second, or even possibly the third Realm. Those who have seen it in its totality and understand its correlation to T´the Grasslands, alongside with the consequences therein, are forever changed. It is not The Supremum of Order itself that affects living and unliving beings alike, but the sheer implications that come with its reality are enough to change anybody.

However, it is nothing compared to the other 4 antipodes, inversions, opposites of the Grasslands.