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The Supremum of Zero is the largest and final antipode of the Grasslands.

"On the day of the bright, a normal day, none other from the rest, him, Gaoburn, masterfuly executed his wicked plan upon the Grasslands. A plan crafted ever since his birth, a plan that was brought upon to him, passed down from generations and generations, as he, Gaoburn, was the chosen one, the one, to complete the final task. From the ashes of the dead divine and evil spirits, of plans and technology unconceived to the modern man, kept secret for years numbering uncountable, it was with those deathly things that he summoned the 5 forbidden souls from the Alebo-Ashewan. The souls, whom acted devilish to such lengths and heights, as to be damned by the Hchezics and void lords.


The fifth and last reincarnate, spared from a suffering greater than that of the dwelling anchorites of the Apheghaza, was The Supremum of Zero. The maximum of null, zero and nothingness. This archangel inherited the highest powers, and he found strength in other-Realmly lords, and their teachings were recieved by The Supremum of Zero. And in unison, The Supremum of Order, The Supremum of Chaos, The Supremum of Noise and The Supremum of Zero cried their terrible roars to the world, the universe, everywhere at once and to every being, and with their bringing to life, the plan had officially begun." - an excerpt from The Grassland Codex

It is, however, a highly esoteric and mythical rendition of the happenings. It is unfortunately the most accurate testimony thought to exist today.

The dimensionality uses the function and the constant. is the chaos function, described in the article of The Supremum of Chaos, and the constant is described on the article for The Supremum of Limits.

The Thubbunurrhypil in The Supremum of Zero are distorted so far, to the point of reaching 0 and infinity simultaneously.

We haven't yet found a reliable way to escape this verse.