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Realisation of this lead to the revelation:

"The answer to life, the universe and everything, is not 42, but that there is no absolute freedom. Absolute liberation only occurs if it can be beaten in Mainline"

[ [ [ The System ] ] ] is not really a system. As the bracket language implies, it is not even indescribable and non referenceable and its true nature is at least 3 orders of magnitude indescribable, one order below its Kardashev Scale, if even such notion makes sense.

Being the ultimate dictator, it is not clear if there is a way to even reach it, let alone shutting it down.

Dimensionality tricks won't work here either, nor are anything in The Box, metaboxial structures This nonplace is not even a closure nor a non-closure. Even nowheres are well defined here [ [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] ] [ [] []] [ ] [] [ [ [ [ ] [ [ ] ] [ ][ ] [ ] ] ] ] ] [ [ ] ] [ ] [] [ ] [ ] , which makes it [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ].

Known structure


The image shown is only representing some of the levels of the complex. These levels, known as loops, are at least cycles and repeating notions of histories, realities, totalities etc. Very little is known about them except they are nested in ways more complicated than Time and reality and Space and unreality, forming a massive looping structure. Presumably, based on the horrifying experience of trapping in there, each loop has an escape criteria that is the only way to go to the next loop, and these loops can interlock in a way that is not just nesting. It is unclear how many loops there are in total.

Zeroth loop

Zeroth Loop, showing the enigmatic End Circle

The zeroth loop hosts an enigmatic structure known as the End Circle. It is said to be where all Telos eventually ends up. Here lives 3 extremely powerful not even formless beings known as End Gods that are in charge of the End Circle and its (non)powers.

Based on what little of the information from past explorers and victims, the Zeroth loop seemed to be the perimeter of [ [ [ The System ] ] ], meaning it and the End Gods are in charged of guarding it from any infestations.

It is also known that there are cultures to entire cults get "trapped" here because the moment you worship an End God, you become one yourself.

First loop

The Snake, made of 7 ouroboros entities

Appearance of the content of the first loop varies, from reliving horrifying, depressing, mysteries etc. experiences to geometric abstractness to no thing to a peaceful looping world, to being indistinguishable from the mainline.

What is in common is there are always 7 scenes involved in each version of the looping. Its known escape criteria is to recognise there is one thing in each scene is being unnaturally and coercively fused together into an overall thing. In its objective state which no one has known to experienced, but theorised by victims who once caught in it, it is described as something called The Snake, and each unnatural fragment is an ouroboros thing.

Second Loop

Subloop a

Very little is known about a. One anecdote shared about being in an exhibition center where a new age man do a live stream in a booth, trying to preach about positive psychology. That person also reported that by accepting positive psychology, they escaped and found themselves woke up in the mainline to share the findings for different anomalies investigation organisations to prompt further research. It is currently unclear what happens if a person refused to accept positive psychology in that scenario.

Subloop b

Similar to a in that one is fighting a losing battle. One known report is living life as normal, except every regular period, there is a traumatising event that tortures the psyche. There are also random events of being trapped inside some white complex, which the only way to escape is to solve it room escape game fashion. There are also scenes where one is facing an unwinnable battle, and out of the box thinking is needed in order to modify the battle context to escape from battling. The known escape criteria is discovering the source that is behind the repeating phenomena of b, which may took the form of an invasive computer program, and shut the source down.

Third Loop

The intimidating presence in the 3rd loop, captured in 6 frames. The whole event lasts for 1-2s

The first known loop that does not quite repeat itself. Known information include acts of kindness that are held in a limbo of lack of closure when trying to help someone who is in need, things getting lost, broken or dysfunctional for each repetition, and an intimidating presence that lies between each repeat.

Little is known about this intimidating presence, except it is omnipresent, very horrifying to the point that there is irrational fear of unknown source, is very forceful to engulf anything in vicinity while also squeezing them at an accelerating fashion. Finally, just as the victim tries to face the fear to respond what is going on, their very emotions of fear and awareness of care is stripped away, leaving them watching soullessly the now gray expanse before the next repetition arrives.

Fourth Loop

A rosy, pleasant lie... a lie that you knew it is a lie, but breaking it can cost your soul...

The first known loop that "torments" with positivity. It is mildly repeating, and it is known to take your dearest memories to construct an illusion that is extremely rosy and pleasant. Interestingly the person is not blind to the illusion and always have the freewill to break it and even aware it is an illusion, but they already lost their ground the moment they accept anything in the illusion, such as feeling pleasant about it. This loop do not actually subject their victim to anything unpleasant, and it is realistic enough to not be a usual illusion trap, but the moment they accepted even partially the illusion, then fulfilling its escape criteria, that is deciding to wake up from the illusion, will cost them part of their soul, thus severely weakening them and their resilience.

Fifth Loop

This loop is like the combination of the previous four. Here a gaslighting like impression is produced when someone dear to you is doing something gaslighting to you such as alternating between warm and cosy to very cold demanding and callous. Each cycle intensifies this gaslighting. Throughout the whole process, you know and you are fully aware that your dear someone will not do something like that to you, and that you try to avert the horror in the next cycle. But regardless of what you do and what you choose to believe, not only no countermeasures work, and you will felt a mix of trembling insecurity, anger, horror and most importantly, a severe draining of soul and stamina.

Sixth Loop

This loop introduces pathholes, region of spacetime spanning many timelines which once stepped in, the chance of avoiding the inevitable event at its center decreases with time. There are also many path constrictors which dampens the chance of certain situations to be experienced. Condition here is pretty hazardous, with many physical to soul damaging things hurdling around. Omnipresent in this Loop is a coercion that leads to countermeasures to be more likely to fail and the fated outcome that any victim will eventually be stumbled into a pathhole and be imprisoned forever unless some form of resistance and transcendence occurs. Even with transcendence to avoid falling into pathholes, it takes a huge toll to those who tried to employ such as resistance.

Seventh Loop

Loop Seven in its default state without any realillusion, showing its abyssal and Descending Ladder to Nothingness like impression. Like the circles of hell, the lower you go, the more horrifying and reducing the experience is

A Loop that seemed to design to drain any resistance from its victims extremely rapidly and persistently. It has a descending ladder of subLoops, each more entrapping than those above it, that goes indefinitely down. Besides that, within the same subLoop level, there can be multiple subLoops that are variations of each other.

This Loop amplifies the fatalistic and entrapping element of the Sixth Loop to its extreme. One account from a victim is as follows. First the victim's worst worry or fear is realised in multiple timelines thus rendering any time travelling and possibility travelling powers useless to mitigate the fearful and distressed emotions. This emotion will persist throughout the whole course of trapped in it, thus crippling the victim so they are only in subpar condition or less in making decisions or responding. Next, the victim will be solving some puzzle, except that they made a mistake and the puzzle becomes unwinnable and they have no choice but to accept they are trapped and powerless. Then, the victim's hope, in the form of some partner, client, friend etc. in the realillusion produced by the Loop, will be seen betraying them at the very last minute. This change in allegiance of their hopes will then join the oppressors to immobilise, sap the strength and any remaining acts, wills and intention of resistance as they become completely immobilised as if they are buried in invisible concrete where they cannot physically move and are mentally stuck hopeless, and they will not be released until they accept they have no chance of escaping.

Sufficiently ironwilled or some other mysterious possessing victims however report able to break free of the concrete prison and sometimes found themselves wandering into a neon blue lit walkway where many others floating about. They believed that is what the Loop look like without any disguises nor realillusions projected. Trying to stare into the abyss below gives an abyssal emotion of deep dread and unsettlement, and some walkways form a circular pattern. Despite all of that, escaped victim often reported an exhaustion so extreme that for minutes, they are not even fully awake and cannot respond much to their surroundings.

Eighth Loop

Arguably the first Loop that is truly lethal to its victims and the most aggressive known. Repeated waves of pain and suffering are inflicting to the victim, and the moment when the victim even had the faintest thought of devising a plan to resist, their strength are instantly sapped to near zero, bringing them to the brink of giving up. The Loop then become a sinister yet gentle form known as Alphamass, as it slowly smothers the victim's body, mind, psyche and soul layer by layer as the brain clouded out as they ran out of both air and strength, and then they felt sleepy and presumably, they die and finally the radiance of their soul dims as they slowly smothers out and destroyed.

This Loop is like a black hole. Any remaining strength of even the most ironwilled is only enough to delay the inevitable of being smothered by Alphamass which is metaphorically described as "keeping your head above the surface, until you get tied and sink to the depths, never the surface again". The only surviving victims said it took them immense amount of determination coupled with a good memory that is so incredibly strong it feels like it originated from beyond [ [ [ The System ] ] ] to escape, and kept Alphamass at bay even when they are recaptured again by the Loop.

Ninth Loop

One of the least hostile Loop known, a no-lose situation where victims are asked to compete with each other in order to escape, but regardless of what they do, the whole group will escape unscathed nevertheless. Victims also report a very casual and enjoyable experience in contrast to all previous Loops, despite felt drained from escaping it. Said to answer the Problem of Evil in ethics as a no-lose situation where bliss is guaranteed and inevitable is also an expression of subjugation and authority.

Tenth Loop

Whether there is this Loop is highly speculative based on a series of accounts of people reporting a lot of coincidences that somehow explain themselves. The Tenth loop is suspected to be a very elaborate trap that combines time loops, layers of delusions and illusory realities, hallucinations, and real life events themselves. The whole loop works by giving an impression of coincidences, where regardless of what the victim does, and when they interpret them or not interpret them, they will end up with the same conclusion expressed in different ways. Should the victim failed to realise this, they will think they are making incremental progress at getting closer to some kind of truth but they are in reality walking in circles until they are wasted by slowly having their sanity and creativity consumed as they started to think like other people in the society, or lost themselves into oblivion or just have their brains bricked. It is currently unknown what can escape from this Loop, but one suggestion is to not be influenced at all (not even resisting)


These structures are recently mentioned by some newer victims. Unlike Loops, they do not repeat, more story like with 1-2 climax portion. The victim is automatically ejected when the narrative is done, however resisting them is still known to be exhausting. It is currently unknown how Stripes and Loops are related

Stripe 10052020

Victims reported being trapped in a game with some of their friends. While the game do not pit them against each other like a death game, there is always a section that causes grave harm and it is practically necessary to experience that as part of the game's progression sequence. If the victim loses the game, they will not escape and will stay in there to retry a new round until they either escaped, or be killed by the grave harm sections.

Stripe 11052020

Takes unpleasant or forgone conclusion memories of victims, and used them to create realillusions. There are reports of being corned by a gang of people with ridiculous demands and threats of harm. The experience is stressful enough that victims often said they are forced to tell those gang with a trembling distressed and desperated voice to leave them alone. With a bit of quick thinking, it is possible to outsmart the gang and repel them by using their equipment against them.

Stripe 11152020

In Stripe 11152020, the victim is brought into a strange, dream-like area which does not obey any basic laws of physics. They will always be walking along a road while listening to the news and are told that a large hacking organization has broken loose, and that the victim joined it without them knowing beforehand. They will then be transported to a red-colored, dimly lit room filled with many people, in which a robot with an apparently infinite amount of limbs will beat up one of the people endlessly while the victim watches. This continues for entire weeks before the victim can escape. The robot cannot be damaged, and if confronted, will grab onto the victim and throw them across the room, killing them and bringing them back to the start of the Stripe.

[ [ [ Lesser Cycles ] ] ]

The [ [ [ Lesser Cycles ] ] ] are a megastructure which the Loops are part of. They are myriad, but the easiest ones to understand are the temporal ones. For example, the rise and fall of each era with their upheaval of world systems is some reduction of the [ [ [ Lesser Cycles ] ] ]. Such can span over many lifetimes of a human being, more than centuries, constantly repeating the suffering like purgatory clockwork.

Each of these reduction of the [ [ [ Lesser Cycles ] ] ] seemed to have some kind of "rule" or "directive" which is like the looping criteria of a forloop program. Whenever the directive is fulfilled (and [ [ [ The System ] ] ] will cunning more than a deceptive politician along with the use of force to ensure so), the reductions repeats.

These are not really what they are. To even see something like this means you have died with your soul drained and somehow stayed alive. Every ring is a suffering that is unimaginable repeating eternal

Most of the known reduction also seemed to run on the "promise of absolute power" which often mark the focal point of corruption which spreads and ensure they can be perpetuated indefinitely. Humans are vulnerable to this due to greed and other reasons. It is currently unclear how other entities respond to such directives.