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The Table is just a table that is ridiculously huge. The Table also has 4 table legs, just like a standard table, and has the typical rectangular table top. The tabletop contains a lot of different realities, verses, voids, and objects.

The table is made up with Primordium Delta. This Primordium Delta has been infused with TREEYUM from the TREEVERSE to make a nigh indestructable material. Also, the substance is built to counter the effects of extremely corrosive realities and supposedly "endless" verses that can't be contained. The Metareality-Web lies at the center of The Table. The four table legs rest on an unknown surface. There also seems to be some huge entity underneath The Table. It has been named the Shadow. This creature seemed to be eating the underside of the tabletop. When creatures near the edge of The Table found out about this, they got freaking scared. They tried to send expeditions down one of the table legs to see what was happening, but practically every single expedition failed, since the spacecrafts ran out of energy or got eaten by the Shadow.

The Table has been here for a very, very, very, very long time now. It is unknown when The Table was first created. It is also unknown how long the Shadow has been under the table.

Some interesting facts:

  1. There are also realities on the underside of The Table. Most have been eaten by the Shadow, but some still remain, because they are negative sized. The Shadow has been found to not be able to eat negative-sized objects.
  2. One table leg had to be repaired, since the Shadow was happily eating it. The table leg had to be shrunk to a negative size and then expanded to its original size, and it had to be repaired. During the repairing, unidentifiable creatures were eating the maintenence crew responsible for repairing the table leg. The creatures soon got destroyed by voids specially deployed to control the crisis. The table leg soon got repaired. It is still unknown whether the creatures were from the Shadow or not.
  3. If you somehow fall off the table, you will lose consciousness immediately. When you regain consciousness, you will be back off where you started. No one knows why this happens. This phenomenon doesn't occur if you travel down a table leg though.