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The Thing Reality is a small reality located in an unknown location. It has proven to be extremely hard to

An interpretation of what The Thing Reality could look like

escape and has well over layers.


The Thing Reality was discovered by creatures from The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi after one of their superstructures glitched and later broke down, forming a small portal to an unknown location.

The creatures, when they entered the portal, got sent to The Thing Reality. The creatures had no problem getting through the first few layers but they eventually got stuck at the 12th layer.

An Omni-God got the creatures out. However, when the Omni-God tried to break past the 40th layer, it didn't work. After more than 30 years, the creatures finally escaped The Thing Reality.

Time would prove that more creatures would end up in this seemingly endless verse with seemingly infinite layers.


The Thing Reality has a ridiculous amount of layers, possibly even being infinite. No one knows for sure, since no one has gotten past the 98th layer.

The more layers you go outwards, the tougher and thicker they will become.

These layers are at the very center of The Thing Reality, and are also the weakest layers. These layers can vary in toughness, but are usually very weak and easy to penetrate.

Red Layer

The Red Layer is the first and weakest layer. It is just 1 cm thick, and is entirely red colored. The material that makes up the Red Layer is still unknown, and further analysis has to be done on the substance.

Orange Layer

The Orange Layer surrounds the Red Layer and is a tiny bit thicker, at 1.09 cm thick. The toughness is still roughly the same as the Red Layer. However this layer, unlike the Red Layer, isn't 100% orange. This layer actually has a tiny tinge of green to it.

Yellow Layer

The Yellow Layer surrounds the Orange Layer, and is slightly more thick, at 1.14 cm thick. The Yellow Layer is also a little more tough than the previous two layers. This layer is colored 100% yellow.

Green Layer

The Green Layer, unlike any of the other layers before it, is quite sticky. However, it is extremely easy to penetrate this layer, and the thickness is only 0.5 cm. This layer has a green tinge to it, hence the name.

Blue Layer

The Blue Layer is where you have to start trying with a little force to get through. This layer is approximately 5x tougher than the Yellow Layer, and is 3 cm thick. This layer is also entirely blue.

Purple Layer

This layer is the last of the colored layers, and is also the toughest and thickest, at 5 cm thick. It is mostly purple. The Purple Layer also acts like a transition between the Colored Layers and the Verse Layers.

These layers appear right after the colored layers. The Verse layers are usually thicker, and resemble cosmological objects/verses, such as a Universe, Multiverse, Megaverse, Omniverse, The Outside, and The Box.

The Universe Layer

The Universe Layer is a layer that is approximately 100 LY across. Most of the layer is empty, so traversing it is very easy and effortless. In this layer, there are stars, planets, galaxies, and even black holes (all of which are very small). This layer is 10 cm thick.

The Multiverse Layer

The Multiverse Layer is the layer that surrounds The Universe Layer. This layer is slightly more crowded and is also a little thicker, at 15 cm thick. The size is also slightly bigger at 101 LY across.

The Megaverse Layer

The Megaverse Layer resembles a Megaverse, and surrounds the Multiverse Layer. This layer contains miniature objects and verses that would be found in a normal Megaverse. This layer is actually thinner and easier to penetrate than the Multiverse Layer, only being 76 cm thick.

The Omniverse Layer

The Omniverse Layer resembles an Omniverse, with similar-looking objects and verses, except that each miniature copy is actually a verse from smaller Archverses. No one knows why this happened. This layer is also 915 LY across and 203 cm thick.

The Outside Layer

The Outside Layer is the most empty out of all the Verse Layers, making traveling across this layer very easy. This layer is also extremely thin, only being 0.01 cm thick. However, this layer is VERY big, at over 10! LY across.

The Boxial Layer

The Boxial Layer is where most normal creatures get stuck and have to get rescued by powerful gods. This layer is WAY bigger than The Outside Layer, and is also extremely crowded, being filled with miniature copies of basically everything inside The Box.

This layer is ridiculously large, being about G64 LY across. The thickness of this layer is still disputed, but estimates place it around 10 meters ~ 1 kilometer thick.

These layers are where it gets dangerous. All of these layers will have creatures, and the more layers you go up, the more hostile and deadly they will become. These layers usually aren't very thick.

The Lizard Layer

This layer... probably doesn't sound intimidating at all. That's because it's the first layer. The lizards in this layer will only attack if you injure them, so this layer is very easy to cross. Just make sure to not step on the lizards.

The Bee Layer

This layer, strangely enough, is filled with centillions of bees. These bees will only sting you if you touch them, and due to this layer's huge size (100x size of The Boxial Layer), the bees will be spread out, lowering your chance to touch them and get stung.

The Humanoid Layer

The Humanoid Layer encompasses the Bee Layer. It is filled with strange black creatures, that if looked at, will attack you. These humanoids have ridiculously strong hands, and can easily rip your entire torso into pieces. However, these creatures can be destroyed quite easily with normal weapons, such as energy blasters, Glitchonicite blasters or even just a simple knife.

The Hand Layer

The Hand Layer surrounds The Humanoid Layer, and is mostly flat. However, there are literal hands that will reach up from below the flat ground to try to grab you and pull you underneath. Also, the flat ground acts like a sort of quicksand, making traversing this layer even harder.

If you have a spacecraft, getting past this layer is easier, but no matter how high you fly, the hands will always be able to reach you.

The Death Layer

The Death Layer is the last layer of the Dangerous Layers and is obviously the one with the deadliest and most hostile creatures. The creatures in The Death Layer resemble huge heads that can swallow you whole, and are the deadliest entities in the Dangerous Layers. These heads always know where you are, and can teleport instantly to you whenever needed.

If any creature gets this far, they will most likely die here.

The Corrupted Layers are the layers surrounding the Dangerous Layers. These layers have very high chances of corrupting materials and matter, and so can be even more dangerous than the Dangerous layers.

The Glitchonicite Layer

This is the first of the Corrupted Layers. This layer has a concentration of Glitchonicite of about 10 nanograms per cubic LY, and is already very dangerous. Matter has about a 0.1% chance to get corrupted, and that number will keep rising the more layers you travel.

The 2nd Glitchonicite Layer

The Layer surrounding the Glitchonicite Layer is.... another Glitchonicite layer. This layer has double the concentration of Glitchonicite than the previous layer, at about 19.7 nanograms per cubic LY. Matter has about a 0.2% chance to get corrupted.

The Glitchonicite Layers will nest each other for about 68 more times, until practically the entire layer is completely filled with Glitchonicite, making crossing nigh impossible unless you're a god of sorts.

The No Clip Layer

The Layer that surrounds all the Glitchonicite Layers is the No Clip Layer. This layer, as the name suggests, has a high chance of no-clipping you out of reality, landing you in either Unexistence or Endless Walmart and trapping you forever. That has also made this layer notorious for making creatures, gods, and occasionally even Omni-Gods disappear and get erased from reality.

The Corruptite Layer

This layer is packed with lots and lots of Corruptite that'll change properties of other matter left and right. You gotta be suited with an Omegite suit if you wanna get past, as Omegite is the only material that can block Corruptite from corrupting matter. The interior walls of this layer and the exterior walls of the No Clip Layer are coated in a thick layer of Omegite to make sure none of the Corruptite further corrupts to any of the other layers.

The Impenetrable Layers are a series of extremely tough and thick layers that surround the Corrupted Layers. These layers can usually only be penetrated godlike beings with incredible power, and even they sometimes cannot penetrate every layer.

The Omega Porcelain Layer

This layer is made completely from Omega Porcelain, an extremely strong and durable material from The Bowl. Breaking Omega Porcelain is usually extremely hard, but somehow, you can break the material very easily with just graphite.

Since the Omega Porcelain has a serious weakness, thousands of creatures stuck in The Thing Reality have broke past this layer very easily and without any outside help.

The Primordium Delta Layer

The Primordium Delta Layer surrounds The Omega Porcelain Layer, and is way tougher than the previous layer. This layer is made out of possibly the strongest material in our cosmos, Primordium Delta.

Unlike Omega Porcelain, Primordium Delta has no real weakness to anything, and can only be broken by the most powerful Omni-Gods.

The Ultimate Layer

The Ultimate Layer is the last of the Impenetrable Layers, and is the strongest out of all the materials. The material that makes up this layer resembles the material making up The Sphere's outer casing, and cannot be broken, even by Class 1 entities on The Official Cosmic Entity Hierarchy.

Gerald has not told any entity what lies beyond The Ultimate Layer, and will probably never tell either.

The layers after The Ultimate Layer are known as the Inaccessible Layers since they cannot be entered. It is unknown how many of these layers exist, but estimates place it around ((((((11!)!)!)!)!)!)! to infinite.