The Too Big

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The Too Big is a verse that is, as the name suggests, "too big". This verse is simply so big that even extremely powerful entities like the Panomni Gods in The Nested Infinity can't comprehend just how massive this complex really is.

Structure of The Too Big

The Too Big is a series of rings, each with different sizes and colors, rotating extremely fast around a huge sphere in the center. The sphere also has an extremely strong gravitational pull. There are infinite rings, and each one of them contain a certain type of verse. The rings further from the sphere tend to host regular verses like Universes, Archverses, and Omniverses. They also contain many Nested Infinities. Rings closer to the sphere tend to hold more corruptible and dangerous verses. The rings in the middle usually host empty voids with nothing in them.

If a verse is found to be corrupted or extremely dangerous, that verse will be thrown inside the sphere, and be recycled as a new verse. Most of the time, this verse will be less dangerous/corruptible. The rings all have different names to identify them. No name can be the same. Many of these rings will have completely gibberish names, since there are infinite rings and no name can be the same.

There is a thick squiggly ring on the very outer edge of The Too Big. This ring is responsible for keeping the rings from turning and moving too much everywhere. This is important, because if the rings were to move too fast, erratically, or randomly, the verses could fly out, thus destroying many verses and killing many creatures. This ring is also the border of The Too Big.


Surprisingly, there is a ridiculous amount of life in The Too Big. The life stay on the outer areas of The Too Big away from the rings. They sometimes go into the main complex to find verses that they can use for energy or consume. This usually doesn't go well, and in the end the creatures usually don't find any good usable verses. Many also die due to the dangerous speeds of the rings.

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