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"The True Box"

is a name for VERY high-level box with tons of life. This property is common among small verses, but are rare[2] for The Box sort of structures. Not really extreme and flashy like plutfuseverse and shinoverse, or rather, The True Box is similar to common, smaller verses.

Planets, stars, and other common stuff

Inside The True Box lies stars and planets and all the other objects making inside of The True Box look like that of random verses. Except... they are all different sizes and shapes depending on where you go. And you know what determines size, shape, and pretty much all the other properties of objects?

That's right, physics laws!

Ahem, yes, you may have thought of matter and energy, but just look around; electromagnetic and weak nuclear force runs all your electronics, gravity keeps earth, sun, and all other celestial objects from falling apart, and strong nuclear force acts with electromagnetic force to keep you alive.

And dark energy[3] pushes everything away from each other, including your girlfr-


Oh of course I mean celestial objects and atoms


Average temperature[4] of the True Box is really warm and pleasant at c°~[5], which is perfect for life to emerge! And you know what's better? Due to the property of The Box and everything above being able to contain all possibilities and impossibilities, there HAS TO BE life somewhere around The True Box.

Even if you include these:

  • Too high temp variant: is not a problem because The True Box is too wide for temperatures to spread in less than amount of time[6]. And new temperature zone keeps forming across The True Box, temperature is completely out of problem list.
  • Instability of The True Box: is little more concern because The True Box is much more unstable than The Box and little higher levels. To answer that, imagine filling water bottle with few tens of pellets. Then shake the water bottle by, say, shooting thousands of paintballs at it. Observe the state of pellets, and if they are not destroyed, instability problem is solved. And if they fall apart... ... ... you might wanna wear tinfoil hat.
  • High-energy density: is probably the first big problem. Although The True Box is truly beyond top of infinity, it is still a closed system[7]. And The True Box is not a universe: inside law of it is not allowing energy to disappear fast enough! Accumulating energy can be fatal to life, but luckily, The energy flow is so big that anything below size of [8] just cannot be destroyed completely. This phenomenon also happens at The Box Hypercluster.
  • Structure collisions: is probably the biggest problems among all. many structures such as The Box are infinite, and when they collide with something and explode, they annihilate everything[9] around it. And these types of collisions are extremely frequent! There is no way any lifeform can get away with this, and that makes Structure Collisions No.1 threat to lives.

There are STILL plenty of safespots for life inside The True Box since there is at least one made by very basic property of things larger than The Box[10].


  1. transinfinite ordinal corresponding to , which makes it
  2. not "rare" level of finity or infinity, probably the property only owned by The True Box and its close cousins
  3. dank dark energy has absolutely no evidence pointing that it is one of universe's fundamental force, but I like including it since it is much more fun that way
  4. Max & Min temp: &
  5. for c°, it certainly sounds pleasant... for c°... not so much. However across the realms beyond the size of Absolute Infinity, there are some creatures that are only able to survive at c° and beyond.
  6. remember, is NOT finite nor infinite, it is TRANSINFINITE. this causes to relationship to be more like largest finite number (literally the largest finite number that no other finite numbers can surpass without being infinite) and (first level of infinite powered by itself for itself amount of times)
  7. meaning no interaction with outside world
  8. the value is measured in infinity here
  9. including finite-scaled ones such as most of verses
  10. "Everything larger than The Box can contain everything possible and impossible"