The Unlimit is the Limit/Barrier of an omniverse, it prevents from anything strange entering or leaving it’s Omniverse. The Unlimit is made out of 8 Limit

The only way to leave an Omniverse is to have a Universal I.D.

The Limits

The Basic Limit

The very basic Limit, this Limit prevents random people for entering an Omniverse secretly, this Limit is indestructible and attempting to destroy it will get you arrested.

The “no evil” Limit

This Limit was created by some guy to keep every evil entity from leaving or entering an Omniverse, this Limit has helped many Entities that are capable of destroying entire Boxes from leaving, which if you think about it is pretty bad since.. if that entity can’t leave it can just kill everyone in that Omniverse.. moving on.

The Unidentified Object Limit

This Limit prevents Unidentified Objects from entering an Omniverse, but are allowed to leave an Omniverse, this has prevented many satellites made by Dr. Doofenshmirtz from crashing into a random Omniverse. 9/10 security.

The Energy Limit

This one is important, because the previous three limit can’t detect energy so :/ so ya, this Limit stops random forces from entering an Omniverse, when this Limit was first added, it didn’t detect Soul-Energy, which led to Universal Looting, many transformed into Soul-Energy and entered Omniverses and started robbing them.

The True Limit

The True Limit is the strongest limit, a limit so strong that not even the all Time can destroy.

The Boring Limit

This Limit is very boring, but because of that it keeps the cool kids and weird people from entering since it takes 100 hours to travel through the entire barrier.

The Entrance Limit

The Entrance Limit is the second to last limit, this is where you have to show you universal I.D to leave your Omniverse, this Limit also prevents people from leaving/entering their Omniverse more than ten times.

The Final Barrier

The Final Barrier, this barrier serves no purpose, yeh I’m bored i don’t have any good ideas for pages so I just recreated The Unlimit because ya.

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