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This page lists all major events that have happened throughout the wiki (including every single realm). The majority of events are in OYC, which is a calendar system widely used throughout our omniverse. Click on the link embedded within the word "OYC" above to learn more about it. This timeline is meant to be treated seriously and should not be vandalized in any way, shape or form. Content that is meant to be non-serious will not be tolerated here unless said otherwise.

Everyone is encouraged to help out with the timeline, just please don't vandalize or add anything too stupid.

This is currently being worked on, primarily the Monorealmian Hypereon.

Originian (Ancient) Hypereon

c. -ƒ OYC: The beginning of everything from this wiki. The first thing was created as a concept of everything.

c. -ƒ + 1 / ƒ2 OYC: The concepts of conceptualization, abstraction, and logics were created.

c. -ƒ + 1 / ƒ OYC: Mathematical and physical logic were created.

c. -ƒ + Ω / ƒ OYC: Variety Perimeter was created as an measurement of everythingness.

c. -ƒ + Ω / ƒ + 1 / ƒ OYC: The first particles, Protoparticles, were created. They were ·s at the lowest possible level of Archreality.

c. -ƒ + Ω2 / ƒ OYC: ·s has been collided to quickly produce the first ever ⬤s.

c. -ƒ + Ω2 / ƒ OYC + Ω / ƒ OYC: ·s and ⬤s has been transformed to form the first Blueprint Particles, although they are still Protoparticles.

c. -ƒ + 2 Ω2 / ƒ OYC: The first Archreality has been defined with Protoparticles.

c. -ƒ + 1 / Ω OYC: Protoparticles managed to generate a · from their own Superreality place. Every 1 / ƒ OYC, another layer were created.

c. -ƒ + 2 / Ω OYC: That · has been reproduced, and then quickly produced every 1 / Ω OYC after that.

c. -ƒ + 3 / Ω OYC: The first Inane has been created.

Monorealmian (Medieval) Hypereon

c. -ΩΩΩ OYC: Alphasm were born around this time.

c. -Ωω OYC: The first realm to be born (not the same as what is called the "First Realm" in modern terminology; that formed later on) formed, although it was very unstable. / Gods such as The Primordial were born around this time.

c. -(Ωω) + OYC: Eye was created by The Primordial.

c. -Ωω/2 OYC: The First Realm was created and objects inside of it slowly began to form. The Box was one of the first objects to be present within the First Realm.

c. -523 Ω OYC: The first Verse formed, although it only lasted for OD.

c. -91 Ω OYC: Formation of the 12 Omniverses that exist within The Box.

c. -5 Ω OYC: Smallians first emerged after pre-Bongus gods messed around with blueprint particle structures. The majority of these smallians died.

c. -2 Ω OYC: Smallians learned how to reproduce and their numbers nearly quintupled.

c. OYC: The Giant Poisonous Chicken Nugget is formed by the first ever Cosmic Zaaaaaaaap.

c. OYC: The smallians explored different atoms for the first time. It is currently unknown how they did this as atoms are absolutely gigantic compared to them.

c. OYC: The Sphere was formed inside of an unknown omniverse.

c. OYC: Formation of our current hyperverse.

c. OYC: Formation of our current xenoverse.

c. OYC: Smallians gained a boost of power and were able to colonize other molecules.

c. OYC: Formation of our current metaverse.

c. -5.05 octillion OYC: Our current multiverse was formed from within the metaverse.

c. -625 million OYC: By now, smallians had made it to different planets and moons by catching rides on alternate asteroids, with their expanse becoming nigh-infinite.

c. -150 million OYC: Approximate birth date of the Donut God, who creates a new donut/torus shaped verse every nanosecond.

c. -20 million to 570,000 OYC: The Clock was conceived during this time period.

c. -17.5 million OYC: Our current universe was formed after the big bang occurred.

c. -5.75 million OYC: Our home planet Earth formed, although it was a hot lava world at first.

c. -2 million OYC: The destruction of the Beansverse.

c. -1.25 million OYC: The Oclis species evolved on Bodhea

c. -950,000 OYC: The Vixitia Oclis species evolved on Bodhea.

c. -750,000 OYC: The Novixitia Oclis species evolved on Bodhea.

c. -350,000 OYC: The Sipriencis Oclis species evolved on Bodhea and migrated to the land.

c. -350,000 to 300,000 OYC: Sipriencis Oclis saw many changes after arriving on land. They acquired teeth and their back plates curved inward to avoid having it drag on the ground.

c. -300,000 to 180,000 OYC: The Sipriencis Oclis began moving even further across the land, occupying as much as they could.

c. -180,000 OYC: A population explosion occurred amongst the Sipriencis Oclis, and they soon evolved into the species Arecta Oclis. By now, their tentacles were bridging from tentacles to legs.

c. -100,000 OYC: Basic Arecta Oclis civilizations began forming across Bodhea.

c. -71,400 OYC: The KT extinction event occurred and nearly all life on Earth went extinct, most notably the dinosaurs.

-628 OYC: The Hwprgtwkantf first originated in a small solar system located within a rogue universe that constantly ejected galaxies, stars, and other materials out into interversal space. The Hwprgtwkantf adapted to this phenomenon, and soon developed a rudimentary economy and government on their home planet. This rudimentary government morphed into the Mctyiflwm Dynasty, the first dynasty of the Hwprgtwkantf.

-593 OYC: The Mctyiflwm Dynasty got overthrown and was replaced by the Owlfnal Dynasty after the Hwprgtwkantf took control of their entire planet.

-159 OYC: The ∞-Egg-Space in the local Metaeggbox was formed, with only interversal plastic, gas and rock being present.

-127 OYC: The supervirus was supposedly eradicated.

-102 OYC: The 'Long Name Verse' was created in a relatively unpopulated section of the Omniverse from many small verses that smashed together.

-23 OYC: At this point, the smallians were literally everywhere and were fully recognized by the beings of the Wikiverse.

-12 OYC: Qwytii, a famous trading hub that was located in The Far, was constructed. At its peak, its housed over 1 centillion creatures from around The Far.

-3 OYC: Johnny "Johns" Stevens III founded a company named "Innimums Industries", with the sole purpose of giving energy to everyone else and himself.

-2 OYC: 1-Egg-Space was created, and all other egg-spaces saw the rise of stars, planets and even life.

Polyrealmian (Modern) Hypereon

0 OYC: The 2nd realm was finally visited by creatures from the 1st realm after millions of OYC of studies. The middle of the OYC calander

c. 11,110 OYC: Homo sapiens evolved on Earth.

11,348 OYC: Humans developed agriculture and the neolithic revolution began.

11,362 OYC: Bob dies.

11,368 OYC: Present day

~1,264,702 OYC: Water on earth melts


Events that say ? OYC are events that are unknown as to when they will happen.

c. OYC: Alphasm and Gerald plan on joining Dunkey Kong's vacation by now.

c. OYC: Well over a Googolplex OYC later, the last Chaos Fabric in Egg-Space will decompose, leaving only a sea of Blueprint Particles.

c. OYC: Dunkey Kong will return from vacation and will return to his house with Alphasm and Gerald.

c. OYC: At this point, smallians evolve to the same level as a Dave.

c. OYC: The lifespan of our local omnifrick ends.

c. OYC: smallians evolve to use human-level technology.

c. OYC: Alphasm’s imagination will be larger than Alphasm’s The Omnifrick in terms of complexity and stuff by now.

c. 50^600 OYC: Beemovieverse will have all of the barneys removed.

c. OYC: BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME! will have expired his the gatus sentence.

c. Ω^10 OYC: O r b's shell begins to decay.

c. Ω^Ω OYC: Smallians are a more advanced civilization than The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi is today.

c. Ω^^^Ω OYC: O r b's shell fully decays.

c. Ω!!!!!!!(Ω factorials)! OYC: The Sphere begins to crack due to spacetime errors with how strong it is while being so low on the hierarchy.

c. Ω^^^^^^^^(Ω^^Ω arrows)^^^^Ω OYC: Daddy gets the second batch of milk.

c. ƒ^2 OYC: The string's Stringium begins to decay, resulting in the string slowly breaking into pieces

c. ƒ^3 OYC: The string's Stringium fully decays, destroying the string.

c. ƒ^5 OYC: The second and third realms begin to stick together. More realms will eventually happen to join over time.

c. ƒ^ƒ OYC: The Ball Hierarchy changes color from white to black.

c. ƒ^^ƒ OYC: The Ball Hierarchy goes back to white forever.

c. ƒ^^ƒ + 2 OYC: endless walmart turns into a costco.

c. ƒ^^^ƒ OYC: endless walmart's last inhabitant dies, causing nobody to ever go to endless walmart again.

c. ℾ! OYC: Smallians are considered a god.

c. 𝔽₂ + 1 OYC: The SUS cools down so you can walk on it.

c. 𝔽₂^2 OYC: Sentient ball that eats universes. stops eating for a long time. he never shrinks though.

c. 𝔽₂^^^𝔽₂ OYC: Sentient ball that eats universes. starts eating again.

c. 𝔽₂^^^^^(𝔽₂ arrows)^^^𝔽₂ OYC: The Brick begins to crumble.

c. 𝔽₂^^^^(𝔽₂^^^𝔽₂ arrows)^^^𝔽₂ OYC: The Wall is turned into a pile of bricks, and the bricks crumble into dust, resulting in there being a giant pile of orange dust in the void.

c. BB(G(TREE(𝔽₂)) OYC: Smallians become so advanced that they surpass Crustacianverse (crustacianverse the day before its destruction)

c. ɤ̯!!!!(ɤ̯ factorials) OYC: Alphasm’s imagination begins to wear out and decay, resulting inhabitants to use their advanced technology by this time to escape without getting erased.

c. ɤ̯!!!!(ɤ̯ factorials) + 2 OYC: The Brick has crumbled into individual Blueprint Particles, this amount of time is typed as .

c. OYC: Alphasm's imagination has half-way decayed, many things that used to be in its imagination have now exited alphasm's imagination.

c. OYC: Smallians are capable of destroying Absolute Gods.

c. OYC: O r b's shell is restored by a group of Smallians, most interpretable Realms have joined together, and The Wall has crumbled into individual Mathons, which means it has to eventually rapidly speed up. Also the Smallians have now taken control of most of the Absolute Gods.

c. ? OYC: All verses that had existed by the previous event will have stopped existing for various reasons.

c. ? OYC: Smallians become fully post spacial.

c. ? OYC: The wikiverse collapses