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The Utilitary are a massive army composed solely of Utilibots.

The Utilitary do not necessarily belong on any side, and will help any side which is willing to help The Utilitary grow.

Each Utilibot type in The Utilitary have a special purpose.

  • The Stealbots are used to move out debris to let The Utilitary advance through enemy territory.
  • The Reggaebots are used to collect debris for verse construction.
  • The Sealbots are used to repair other Utilibots.
  • The Eelbots are the main fighting force of The Utilitary.
  • The Salbots are used to salvage parts of destroyed Utilibots in order to make new ones.
  • The SLbots are only used when any of the other Utilibots are missing.

The Utilitary have fought in many large wars before, most notably The Hugghiguyughiyuguhian Wars of 593 OYC. In these wars, The Utilitary have grown a lot, as they were especially useful and helped desperate civilizations win when all the odds were stacked against them.

The Utilitary are run by a single, extremely intelligent SLbot known as Lgvigfe. Lgvigfe is widely regarded to be one of the most advanced AI to ever have been created, with its intelligence outmatching beings such as The Creator or The Destroyer. Lgvigfe has almost never fought in any real battle before, but has been seen to possess extreme fighting capabilities.