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The Vase is another giant object found inside The Room. The Vase is made out of some extremely strong and durable glass that can withstand extreme doses of fluoroantimonic acid, the strongest acid known today, and even toxicium, the strongest acid EVER. The Vase also has some sort of dimensional portal at the bottom. It also acts like a black hole, pulling whatever gets too close to it in. One time, an unknown creature appeared inside The Vase. It looked like a Yetmmud. The creature thrashed violently inside The Vase before actually turning The Vase blue and cracking it. It disappeared 1 second later. The Vase miraculously repaired itself a few days later. No one knows why or how the creature appeared inside The Vase. It might have something to do with the portal inside The Vase.

No one knows why that portal is there either.

No creatures can live on The Vase. If any living thing touches The Vase, the portal inside The Vase will swallow the creature, leaving behind a gooey, black substance. The substance can corrupt even the most well-protected realities or dimensions, causing many problems. The composition of the substance is yet to be discovered.

There have been many reported cases of unknown creatures popping up inside of The Vase and corrupting or destroying many realities on The Table. Many creatures wanted to terminate The Vase and destroy it, but that idea was scrapped due to The Vase being nigh indestructible.

Some people believe that The Shadow originated from the portal in The Vase. That isn't very likely, but there is some evidence. Every single creature except for the Yetmmud-like creature are all similar to The Shadow. They all can't been seen in the visible spectrum of light, they all corrupt everything they touch, and they all are extremely powerful entities. That hypothesis has yet to be proven though.