This large location is often confused with a void because of its extreme darkness, sometimes even called anti-light. Anti-light absorbs light, turning the energy into planets and Glitch Hyperspaces whenever something seems to shine. It cannot absorb heat, though, and thus stars are still heat producing and vital. Residents of this place's planets have made extremely advanced forms of electroreception and echolocation due to total lack of light.

Ships that have gone here have used scans, radar, and artificial electroreception to determine that there is a cosmic entity at the center of every Pseudo-Void which is building the planets and stars. The civilizations, although lacking the usefulness of an entire sense, are advanced enough to build galactic nations on grand scales.

A notable feature of the residents is that they are the exact same on every planet, and speak similar languages to one another. This has lead to a theory that the central entity created them, and possibly made them look similar to its own figure.

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