The Vibe Monster is a Product of pure memes. The Vibe Monster is a destroyer of universes responsible for most portions of vital information for universes being destroyed. The Vibe Monster's only goal is to gain as much power as possible and become the strongest being in existence. It seems to be effective against Creators. The Vibe Monster's Creation is completely unknown. It travels the galaxy And overnight slowly sucks the life out of multiple universes. It seems to like going to That Place. And steal all the food from the restaurant there. The Vibe Monster eventually made it's own Universe. Where it sleeps. The Vibe Monster has not been active since. It is unknown what it currently does in it's universe. And nobody. Not even the best explorers of Reality have found the Universe. It is theorized to be so well hidden outside Reality. Or we are not good enough to find the Universe the Vibe Monster Created. It is called by everybody. The Vibe Plane. There are multiple theories to what the Vibe Monster is doing in it's universe.

Vibe Monster yes this is a jpeg
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