The Virusion

The Virusion is a complex/company that manufactures hundreds of different types of viruses. It has sold these viruses to many dangerous organizations and black market companies, labeling them based on how dangerous the viruses are. Currently The Virusion is thriving in a remote location in The Box.

Levels of Danger

The Virusion has labeled each pf their viruses under a specific level to sell to other civilizations and organizations. There are 6 levels in total.

Level 1

Level 1 viruses have extremely mild symptoms, with most creatures who contracted the Level 1 virus not even feeling its effects. Level 1 viruses are rarely manufactured by The Virusion. A couple Level 1 viruses are the Fake Virus and Nonexistent Virus.

Level 2

Level 2 viruses still have very mild symptoms, but their effects are more noticeable. A couple Level 2 viruses are the Itch Virus and Burning Virus (Weak).

Level 3

Level 3 viruses have stronger symptoms, and pose a danger to regular life. Most of the viruses created by The Virusion are at this level. A couple Level 3 viruses are the Burning Virus (Regular) and Paper Skin Virus.

Level 4

Level 4 viruses have even stronger symptoms, and are feared among many civilizations due to their very dangerous symptoms and sheer numbers. The Virusion has used Level 4 viruses to wreak havoc on many civilizations, making Level 4 viruses one of the most feared things in the entire Box. A couple Level 4 viruses are the Paralysis Virus and Contact Virus.

Level 5

Level 5 viruses are strong enough to kill a creature in less than 10 minutes, and are extremely dangerous. However, they spread very slowly due to them killing their host ridiculously fast, making transmission of the virus hard. A couple Level 5 viruses are the Shutdown Virus and Burning Virus (Strong).

Level 6

Level 6 viruses are the most dangerous level of virus that The Virusion can manufacture, and can kill a person virtually instantly. These are usually used to assassinate creatures who pose a threat to The Virusion's existence. The only level 6 virus is known as the Death Virus.


Here are a handful of The Virusion's viruses.

Level 1 Viruses

Fake Virus

The Fake Virus is the weakest possible type of virus that The Virusion has created. It really isn't a virus, and is only used to test out prototype versions of other viruses.

Nonexistent Virus

The Nonexistent Virus is the weakest virus that can do any form of damage. It does not have any visible symptoms, but can give you an extremely light cough if exposed to it too much.

Level 2 Viruses

Itch Virus

The Itch Virus is an example of a Level 2 virus, and can give you light blisters/rashes if it gets into you. Itch Viruses are very easy to get rid of and don't have very severe symptoms, thus landing it in Level 2.

Burning Virus (Weak)

The Burning Virus (Weak) is a weaker version of the Burning Virus, and will make you feel a slight burning sensation whenever you touch any solid or liquid substance. Burning Viruses do not necessarily damage you; they just make you feel uncomfortable.

Level 3 Viruses

Paper Skin Virus

The Paper Skin Virus is a Level 3 virus, and will make your skin have the texture, roughness, toughness, and properties of paper. This virus can be very hard to get rid of, and can make your skin much weaker, making accidents much more common.

Burning Virus (Regular)

This is the Burning Virus at regular intensity, and will make the increase the burning sensation.

Level 4 Viruses

Contact Virus

The Contact Virus is one of the more deadly viruses, and will make touching anything, even air, dangerous to you. This virus is notorious for causing widespread death of life due to its nature.

Paralysis Virus

The Paralysis Virus can paralyze you, making life much more difficult. This virus can spread very easily, but can also easily be removed.

Level 5 Viruses

Burning Virus (Strong)

This is the strongest form of the Burning Virus. At this point, the burning sensation is unbearable and can drive someone crazy within under a minute.

Shutdown Virus

The Shutdown Virus is one of the deadliest viruses ever created by The Virusion, and can prevent/slow down basic necessary functions required to let you live, such as breathing, blinking, or even your heart beating.

Level 6 Viruses

Death Virus

The Death Virus is the strongest virus ever created by The Virusion. It has the effects of all previous viruses combined, plus a few extra symptoms. The Death Virus will usually kill in less than 10 seconds.

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