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The Warehouse is a metaboxial verse that contains all boxes that have an existence state between and .

Despite The "Warehouse"-'s name, The Warehouse is mostly unrelated to warehouses. The only aspect in which The Warehouse is related to warehouses is that both are containers of Boxes.


The Warehouse contains many Boxes. As you go through the a box within The Warehouse, you will end up in another box containing that box, and the existence states of objects within those The Boxes will increase by 2.

Said sequence is centered on The Box, a container of Existence-0 and Existence-1, and terminates at transfinite values in both the positive and negative direction.

At the surface level, all of these Boxes are nearly identical. However, going deeper into Boxes reveals the property that both chaos and order levels increase as existence states increase (inverse also applies), as described in The Supremum of Chaos.

In the increasing existence state direction, these two opposed aspects combine into a property known as "ordered chaos", otherwise known as large structures of chaos which "act" more chaotic without being more chaotic. As a result of this, objects in The Boxes "above" our own either get obliterated due to massive amounts of chaos, or have their "actual chaos" reflect their "perceived chaos" (causing large amounts of chaos which eject said object out of The Warehouse).

In the other direction, this can also lead to "chaotic order", random verse formation across many spaces. These verses will randomly form/destruct, making them unreliable and useless for colonization. Eventually, this spreads through multiple iterations of Archverses, which will also go down and affect lower verses, making the situation even worse.


The Warehouse lacks life spanning across a significant portion of it due to The Warehouse being hard to colonize.

Existence states vary wildly between Boxes in The Warehouse due to the structure. Combined with the fact that there are no gaps between Boxes (causing a given colonizer to have to travel across multiple The Boxes), colonization is a hard task.

However, it is possible to reliably and efficiently colonize a single The Box in The Warehouse, but it took almost exactly OYC after the first life in The Warehouse was created. Here are the steps that were taken to create civilizations going across The Warehouse:

  1. Observe and study the properties of chaos, order, existence states, and stability in preparation for calculation.
  2. Develop Omnicomputers to calculate "lines of preservation" (lines going up in existence state while minimizing change in an object's properties) within a table of order and chaos.
  3. Exploit transfinite speed/mass collisions in a specific way that goes near a "line of preservation" in order to increase/decrease one's existence state via released chaos/order. This is by far the hardest step, due to the fact that transfinite speed/mass has to be obtained, and the collision also must be precise to ensure proper existence state and stability. Some luck must also be required.
  4. If done successfully, you will now be transported to the "mainland" of the corresponding The Box (that is, if there is nothing blocking the mainland).

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