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The Waterfall is a huge object that allows things like The Too Big to form. This is because the water inside The Waterfall is actually 10% boiled interversal plastic, a substance that can easily be made into -verses.

Most of these verses form at the bottom, although a few end up forming at the top or the "falling" of the waterfall. These special -verses are typically more orderly, are divided into more structures, have less dimensions, etc. However, these -verses typically have 0.00001x the energy of the rest of the -verses, including thermal energy, making the verses very cold and hard to survive in. 

The two biggest -verses that form here are the Too Big and The Mandelbrotverse of Reality. However, these aren't the only verses that can form here. More and other kinds of verses can form here, but they are typically bigger than The Space and smaller than  or the same size as The Too Big.

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