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The Weird Laughaguaghee is not a verse. It is a big rainbow object that contains all colours imaginable, and it has the same structure as a verse. It contains the Le Jorino Area, so it is not a verse.

The planets

This verse has a grand total of two planets.


The first planet is called XVII, and it is located in the core. This planet is extremely dusty, and it has an infinitely thick atmosphere. From the outside, it looks yellow.

This planet contains some lakes, which have dirty water and mud in them. These lakes are very nasty, but a simple incredient can make them clean water.


The other planet is called MVXIX, and it is located outside The Weird Laughaguaghee. It is still part of this object because it is directly linked to it due to quantum Nugcysucheascedurforequaquaticatydynamics. This type of connection is only found in this object.

This planet is completely digital and is very glitchy, and it looks green from the outside. The main feature of this planet is the 10 meter tall pole on a random spot of this planet. This pole was created because the gravity got a glitch, so there is a random pole in the planet.

The shape

This object is in a very strange shape. This is because all of the material in this verse has a set path embedded into it, and it always follows that path because that's the way physics work.

Due to this, The Weird Laughaguaghee is a dynamic shape, but it always repeats the exact same cycle of shapes that it morphs into. It can, however, change positions, rotations, and even size.

The levels

There are six levels in this verse, that have each basic colour. They each have their own cycle to go through, but they have different materials.

Red level

This level is made of hydrogen since red is the cheapest colour to embed into reality.

Orange level

This level has a very strange cycle, since it changes speed abruptly a lot. It is made of oxygen.

Yellow level

Also made of hydrogen, but this level has less hydrogen because it is the thickest level.

Green level

This level has single-cell life, because it is made of cells.

Blue level

The blue level is made of element-4,854,645,846,222,563.

Purple level

It has a very organized cycle staying at a constant speed. This level is made of helium and lithium.

When this object is looked at, there appears to be a pink level, but it doesn't exist. It is just a vision created by the endless amount of colours in this object.

How it was created

It was created due to a collision between two Ghuipsuperverses which didn't know what they were doing. The collisions did not change the size, so The Weird Laughaguaghee was only twice the size of a Ghuipsuperverse. The properties of the Ghuipsuperverses are just correct to have attraction and repulsion at the same time, which brought most of their particles into an endless loop of attracting and repelling. After a long time, the particles started to separate by colour, possibly because the forces that put the particles in the loop were also based on which photons it reflected. The two planets were caused by a single object going close to it and knocking some of the particles out of orbit, creating the two planets. After that, the colours became separated again, but then they went back to the place they are today after approximately 1,030 years.