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The night terror... he is the destroyer of worlds... fear him... for none who have seen him have ever survived...

He has absurd strength, and if you want to know some info, just look at the infobox. There is something else I have to mention, though: there is more than just 1 night terror.

  *gasps from the crowd*

Let me explain. There was originally only 1, but if his minions that are already nightmares get evil enough, they can become night terrors with equal strength.



nightmares are basically mini night terrors. Nightmares are 1/999 the strength of the night terror. how does one become a nightmare? Well, first, they must be a soullord. You then must lose all bits of good in your soul, and shift completely to not only the dark side, but the darkest side...


the soullords are extremely powerful soulkeepers. They have 1/1,200 the strength of a nightmare. to become one, you must be promoted from soulkeeper to soullord. They can turn their linked souls into soulmasters.


the soulkeepers have 1/200 the strength of a soullord. to become one, you must be promoted from a soulmaster to a soulkeeper. Soulkeepers can turn their linked souls into soullinks. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT try to fight one.


the soulmasters have 1/300 the strength of a soulkeeper. They can turn their linked souls into pure evil and control their linked souls and completely corrupt them to join their cause. Soulmasters are created when a soullink gets promoted.


soullinks have 1/900 the strength of a soulmaster! They link people’s souls to theirs, so if the person tries to attack a soullink, they will hit themselves. Soullinks can also put heavy pain into and even torture linked souls. To become a soullink, one must intentionally join their cause. They then will take necromancy classes until they truly master it. Why? The soullink’s powers are actually an advanced form of necromancy that can only be performed by soullinks or their higher-ranked variants. If anybody else tries to do it, it will fail. They can still defeat bongus, however.