It's a cyber verse (a cyber verse is a verse with rings) that is the definition of huge


  • Not to be confused with the Underverse
  • There is also Underverse in Riddick's "universe" - Underverse
  • The Underverse is a constellation of dark, new stars. The Necromonger Empire consider it their promised land; that only the Lord Marshals of the Necromongers are known to have journeyed to.

Recruitment Speech

  • "In this verse... Life is antagonistic to the natural state. Here humans, in all their various races, are a spontaneous outbreak. An unguided mistake. Our purpose is to correct that mistake, because there is another verse. A verse where life is welcome, cherished. A ravishing evernew place called Underverse. But the road to that verse crosses over the Threshold ."
    —The Purifier
  • "Threshold, take us to the Threshold!"
    —Necromonger Soldiers
  • "What you call death."
    —Lord Marshal, Zhylaw the Last
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