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Thegatus is a planet located in the Perseus Arm of our galaxy, the Milky Way. It orbits a large star alongside several other normal planets and this page also influenced the creation of Hszzs Dsyraaoyr. Thegatus is frequently visited by The Thegatite as they are very interested in it.

Thegatus is abnormal. It is largely aquatic, with common pillars made of materials such as obsidian, titanium, ash, and gravel jutting out from the seabed and extending to the surface of the water, forming islands. However, within the sea there is several layers, with each becoming more dangerous and anomalous.

Near the surface, extending about down 876 km and stretching to the seabed where the pillars begin to reach upward is Layer 1. In the caves below that, accessed through trenches, is the deep and dark Layer 2, extending downward another 2,456 km. Then, through small tunnels in the walls, Layer 3 can be accessed. This is the largest layer at 3,114 km, and has small pockets of magma that is unharmed by the abyssal waters. Below that is Layer 4, which can only be found by diving directly into the underwater volcanoes of Layer 3. It only extends 546 km, and is the origin of the pillars, which start by being pressed out of the walls by pressure. This layer has much larger pockets of magma. The final layer, Layer 5, is 2,344 km and has gigantic pockets of magma, which take up almost half of the space, as well as dripping acid from the ceiling and huge, alien temples. These temples contain a mysterious portal to another world, similar to ours but almost reversed...



Just a huge, blue ocean with occasional cube-shaped black islands which are the tips of the pillars that expand up from the depths. On these islands, there can occasionally be plants growing.


Thegatus Palm Tree

These only grow on the tips of the pillars, and have black leaves which constantly drip a potent acid. Their trunks are a deep red color, and they have many thorns extending from it. The wood gained from chopping down these trees is often used in building by those who journey to this planet due to it’s exotic color and toughness.


Small green bushes that sprout on top of the water and drink it to survive in addition to using photosynthesis. These can grow small, black fruits that are highly poisonous.


Thegatus Sea Turtle

These turtles have tough, blue shells with intricate black carvings. They have several more legs than Earth turtles, and strong jaws. They will occasionally dive down to Layer 1 in order to grab food, but otherwise drift around on the surface of the sea and eat plants. They lay many eggs at once, and do so on the tips of the pillars.


As mentioned before, the wood from the trees here is highly valued due to it’s color and toughness. The shells of the Thegatus Sea Turtles are used in some machines, tools, and weapons to make them more durable. The pillars can also be harvested safely here for their obsidian and titanium, as well as lesser materials like ash.

Layer 1


Layer 1 is very similar to the ocean of Earth. The pillars here are quite common, and can be seen every 2 km traveled on average. There are some hills and abrupt drops in altitude. The floor here is mostly composed of ash, sand, and gravel. Plants often cover the lower areas and are uncommon on the hills. There are occasional entrances to trenches that lead into Layer 2.


Blood Kelp

Very similar to kelp from Earth in terms of appearance, though very red and much taller and thicker. These kelp have veins within them that are filled with deep red blood, and a small amount will burst if anything perceived as a threat get near the Blood Kelp.

Abyssal Flowers

Abyssal Flowers are tall, looming flowers with many small petals. Their stems are a deep black color, with the petals constantly cycling through many shades of blue. They are known to attract dangerous animals.


Large, sharp shrubs that camouflage against the floor and are absolutely everywhere. If pricked by them, they will grab you and begin to suck your blood in order to grow.


Void Eels

These eels are very long, with sharp claws covering their undersides. They are colored black and blue, with red streaks, and can swim extremely fast to catch prey in their jaws. These do not have a high population but are able to smell prey from a long distance away. They can also release a large amount of electricity akin to 4 lightning bolts in one direction, meaning they can shock prey in order to catch them even faster. These lay 4 eggs at a time in trenches, and their babies will either swim down to Layer 2, be eaten, or return to Layer 1.


These fish, upon detecting a human or smaller animal, will quickly launch themselves toward it at higher speeds than even the Void Eels, releasing a highly toxic gas. These are quite common. They have several rotating jaws, but are entirely blind and use only sound to locate. They often travel in large schools. They lay only 1 egg at a time, which is then protected by the school.

Smaller Fish

Simple, dumb, black/blue fish that travel in huge schools and hide from predators, eating microorganisms and flora. These are incredibly common, but do not pose any threat. There is multiple species of these, but for the most part, they law few eggs, and most of their babies do die, but some survive and join a school.


Here, more of the pillars can be mined, but with much more danger. The eggs of Void Eels are used in meals, and so are the smaller fish themselves. The jaws of Blitzfish are also used sometimes in sharp melee weapons. The Abyssal Flowers look beautiful, but are highly dangerous to swim up to the surface with as they attract Void Eels and Blitzfish.

Layer 2


These are thin, dark caves composed of mainly black and grey rocks as well as very small bits of hardened magma and ash. There are some spherical, large places connected to each other through tunnels, which make up most of the space. A very select few of these tunnels have large cracks in their sides that allow entrance to Layer 3, and sometimes they are blocked by pillars.


In addition to the Blood Kelp from before, several new plants can be found.

Hand Moss

Pitch-black moss, almost looking like a small chunk of space lingering on the sides of the cave. It has a main, regular moss-like body with several, thin, angular “hands” composed of this moss and rocks, which grab at lifeforms in an attempt to absorb heat from them in order to grow even larger.

Eye Fern

Spiky, small, blue ferns with several spherical eyes featuring black pupils on their sides. The eyes constantly follow the closest lifeform to the fern. They are often used as prey to creatures down here, but also release a small amount of oxygen around themselves, which is very useful.


In addition to the Void Eels and small fish (which in this Layer do have much more armor) from before, several new animals can be found.

Titan Worm

These huge, wide, white worms are very easy to see yet very dangerous. They have many clawed hands on their underside, and can pop out of the tunnels of this Layer to scare lifeforms and easily attack and eat them. They also eat Eye Ferns. They reproduce by sticking small buds to the top of tunnels that swiftly grow into more Titan Worms.


These long, thin fish can be either dark blue, light pink, or pitch black, and have jaws extending down from the back of their face which can snap shut instantly, as well as many teeth in their regular mouth. They have 6 eyes and 2, angular horns that have a thin black electric line between them that can shoot out small orbs of electricity. It can swim at ridiculous speed and grab many, many fish from a school, devouring them all. They are often theorized to be a terrible mutation of these fish. They can also, if in a large group, bite off in large quantities at Titan Worms, killing them. They do travel a large amount of the time in small schools. They lay 2 eggs at a time at small outcrops in the Layer just below this one, safe from Titan Worms.

Red Pufferfish

True to their name, these pufferfish are a deep shade of red, with many teeth in their large mouths, and when they puff up they release many spikes that can puncture and poison other animals so the pufferfish can eat them. They also eat plants on the regular, and travel in groups of only 2-3. They lay 7 eggs at once in holes that they dig into the sides of the caves by constantly shooting spikes at them.


Not much of the pillars can be mined here, but many types of metal bars stick out of the roof of the caves. The skin of Titan Worms is used for stoking fires, making clothes, and many other purposes. The electric lines from between the horned of Reaperfish are used in some weapons, and the eyes of Eye Ferns as well as the eggs of both Titan Worms and Red Pufferfish are used for culinary purposes. The spikes shot from Red Pufferfish are used as ammunition for a type of poisonous nail gun.

Layer 3


Layer 3 is an expansive, dark, and plain wasteland with simple crags jutting out from the side of the wall, with a lot of flora and ore on them. Near to the bottom, these crags will begin to become much more angular and long, until they form a huge maze that must be crossed to access the small, inactive underwater volcanoes that can be swam through to access Layer 4. There are also, in the lower reaches of this Layer, many pothole-like openings in the walls in which some organisms dwell. However, this Layer does introduce something unique and common the deeper you go: small pockets of damaging, hot magma that seemingly hover in the water and are never extinguished, hardened, or cooled down.


Here, Hand Moss and Blood Kelp (which is in very small quantities) can still be found. This layer is rich in other new flora, however.

Illumination Pods

These small, hovering, mossy blue pods are found very commonly in this Layer, and produce a small amount of light in a radius around them, making them quite useful if grabbed and held by explorers while venturing through the waters of Thegatus. They appear out of seemingly nowhere.

Blue Apple Trees

These trees grow a unique type of fruit, dubbed “blue apples”. These are somewhat similar in appearance to apples, albeit larger and blue with yellow streaks. The trees themselves are extremely large, and unlike most plants here, do not grow on the crags but rather directly out of the wall. The apples sometimes fall all the way into Layer 4, though this is uncommon, but they do fall often. These trees are actually routinely planted by a creature here that i will discuss more in-depth later, and simply Absorb nutrients from water to grow.

Glass Reachers

These long, tentacle-like plants seem to be made of a deep black, impossible-to-see-through glass-like material, and can constantly regenerate any damage done to them. They are highly dangerous, being able to reach out and easily grab any humans, slamming them against walls several times. They have roots inside the walls, and when doing this, the human’s energy is released into the walls, thus giving the Reachers more energy to replicate themselves in other places using their incredibly wide-spread roots.


Reaperfish still live here, in addition to the smaller fish they consume (here those have yet more plated natural armor).

Darkness Sharks

These sharks are made of what appears to be concentrated black fog, with two piercing, glowing yellow gemstones that appear to be arched eyes shining through them. They are omnivores, consuming literally everything in sight, yet only lay 1 egg at once, very uncommonly, and rarely travel in even small groups. However, they are still unorthodoxly dangerous for this Layer, and are nearly unkillable due to their nature as basically living fog.

Giant Grim Ants

Red and black huge ants that crawl along the walls, eating any small/Reaper fish they come across. They solemnly walk infinitely, turning around when they reach the edge of the Layer to do it all again. They never stop walking, and seem to not really pay attention to anything, as if in a trance, meaning they can be killed easily. They lay down small red seeds as they walk, which grow into other Grim Ants.


An amazing being with powers almost comparable to a lesser cosmic entity, he can teleport, easily contort and kill predators, and stretch his mouth to easily consume high quantities of prey, which includes humans, plants, and other fish. He also plants Blue Apple Trees. Other than that, he just appears as a huge orange fish with many, many fins. He hibernates for 2/3 of every year.


The eggs of Darkness Sharks and the meat and skin of Giant Grim Ants are used in culinary purposes, and so are blue apples. The rocks of the crags here are durable and used in conjunction with metal for some forms of armor and weapons. Illumination Pods are very, very good for lanterns and other light sources.

Layer 4


Even larger magma pockets are found here, and crags form the maze-like structure from the bottom of Layer 3 at the top of this layer, but deeper they completely disappear. Underwater volcanoes are found coming out of the walls and floor, and a few of them are still active, releasing more magma pockets occasionally. Other than that, this layer is quite spacious and empty, though there are of course occasional rock formations and plants.


There is no flora from previous layers present here.


These small, clumped green and blue reeds are often found near underwater volcanoes, as they draw the energy they need to grow from nearby heat. They can also grow out to follow drifting magma rocks. They can grow to massive sizes, but are not very durable, and are often eaten by the omnivorous creatures that live in this Layer.


Similar to seaweed, but much larger, and blue and black with pulsating yellow stripes. They constantly wave back and fourth, and about 0.45% of the time they do this, they generate massive underwater currents that can fling around even massive things, such as rocks or this Layer’s fauna. They grow out of holes in walls, which makes them hard to see, as they are always in the dark. They can be identified by the sound of them waving, however, and should be killed as soon as possible by divers to prevent them from being slammed against walls.


This is the layer where Leviathans begin to appear. Leviathans are massive, omnivorous, very dangerous mammals that all lay one egg at a time, which are so tough they almost never are destroyed. They should be killed routinely, though at least 2 of each type should be kept alive in both this Layer and Layer 5. Their population rising to high values could lead to this Layer and the one after being too dangerous to be entered. Aside from them, there are Titan Worms, Reaperfish, and armored “Magmafish” that are very similar to small fish from previous Layers but with insane heat resistance.

Sea Serpents

Serpentine Leviathans that make little sound as they traverse the water, and blend in with its colors. They are quite slow, but very hard to detect, as they have no heat signature in addition to the stealth abilities mentioned above. Their jaws have several rows of teeth that can rotate to chew and swallow prey very fast. They can grow up to 2 kilometres long. Their skin is not very hard, which is their main weakness, but they are resistant to all poisons currently available and tranquilizer darts will not work on them unless in very large quantity.

Abyss Trees

Not flora, but fauna, these Leviathans appear like trees but walk around on walls very fast with their “roots” and swim around with their “branches”, both of which are really just made of skin. There are two amber eyes on their fronts and backs, and their skin is brown. The mouth is located at the top of the “trunk”, where the “branches” diverge, and it has rather weak teeth, though this does not matter as these Leviathans swallow their prey whole. Their leaves are red, and attract other animals. These are the hardest Leviathans to kill due to their layered skin and fast speed, but many tranquilizer darts can make them slow enough to be shot easily due to their large size.

Nightmare Whales

These massive creatures can way up to 1,230,148 kg, and can be up to 1 km long. They have huge fins on their backs, and massive jaws full of red teeth that can lower from the top of the mouth to extend it and consume very large prey like other Leviathans and Depthreed. They have no eyes, and rely purely on echolocations. Their upper bodies are blue, and their striped lower bodies are red, which makes them easy to spot. They have tough skin, but can be poisoned relatively easily. However, they swim through the water quite fast, and can even use their teeth to tunnel through walls in order to make unpredictable movements, which they do to both catch prey and kill threats.


These half-wolf, half-shark terrors roam the lower reaches of this Layer. They have fins on their back, but Other than that just look like a massive wolf with some differences. Their tail is specially designed to propel them through the water very quickly, they have many beady eyes, and a constantly-open mouth with razor-sharp teeth, as well as long tongues that can be used to grab prey. Their fur can be any color, but it is always one solid color. They are overall a nightmare to deal with, but once their hard fur is punctured their skin is very soft.


Meat for meals can be obtained in extremely large quantities from any of the Leviathans. Waveweed is used in certain machines. Thegadog fur is used in mass-produced clothing. Nightmare Whale teeth are used in drills. The ”leaves” of Abyss Trees are used by humans in the same way as the original Leviathan they cane from, to attract creatures. Water-resistant magma rocks are found in just the right quantity to be harvested without being obnoxiously everywhere in this Layer, and are used in machines, decorative places, and aquariums for creatures that need heat.

Layer 5

The final layer.


Here, the natural features are very chaotic, with many crags, odd rock formations, volcanoes, and massive magma rocks. Also, heavy, burning acid drips from every crag and rock, and can melt through skin in seconds. About halfway down, these magma rocks clear out, leaving only the dark water, and strange, expansive and intricate, seemingly sunken and horribly ruined alien temples, made of blue bricks and plants. There are three types of these temples:


These reach up very high, and often break into the roof of the Layer. They were seemingly used as watchtowers by whatever built them, and have several floors traversable through spiral staircases, with each one having a viewing window. At the top there are rusted crossbow stations and crude telescopes. There are also intricately carved black ores stored away here.


These mostly spread out horizontally. They have several rooms. There are the large, expansive entrance rooms with tattered, almost unrecognizable carpets and rock tables, some still having plants and meat on them. The long hallways with decorative plant structures and paintings of Leviathans. The small apartments, with little dining rooms featuring the same tables as the entrance room, and beds made of Thegatus Palm Tree wood, with blankets of woven Depthweed. And finally, the storage rooms, which have many metal chests containing assorted blue apples, Leviathan meat, Depthweed, Wood, Thegatus Sea Turtle shells, Titan Worm skin, Thegadog fur, and other useful materials.

Grand Fortress

An exceptionally large Fortress, with several Towers connected to its entrance room through hallways, and overall more grand furniture, as well as a throne room, with the throne containing a red, glowing portal that leads to Alternate, specifically the version of Thegatus within it, which is Themagus. This room also has a strange idol to Alphasm, made of plants and metal, more paintings, and more carved ores. It connects to a large watchtower that views the domain of the Sea King, which is seemingly what destroyed all these buildings.



This yellow, spiky and hard to puncture grass grows on most crags and rocks. It has many invisible spikes on it, so Leviathans that try to eat it often have their maws permanently damaged. It, like most other plants in Thegatus, grows by absorbing heat energy. It is currently spreading towards Layer 4, and may cover all Layers in the future.


All previously described Leviathans are found in this Layer, as well as extremely armored and, compared to those of previous Layers, massive common fish, Darkness Sharks, Titan Worms, and three new Leviathans described below:

Crimson Dragons

These are the most large of all Leviathans, excluding the one-of-a-kind Sea King. They appear like dragons, but with massive fins instead of wings. Their fiery eyes are easy to spot, but their overall dark crimson color can blend in with walls easily. Their jaws can snap forward about 20 metres from their head, which makes keeping distance from them very important. They can also breathe magma rocks, which are supercharged to move forward at very high speeds. Additionally, they have 70 metre long tentacles that extend from their belly and are used to rip plants from the walls or bring prey closer.


These Eels can sometimes be even more massive than Sea Serpents. They are quite slender, but very strong regardless, and have completely exposed, horse-like skulls. Their main bodies are mostly blue. They have additional bony spikes along their spines, which have electric threads attached to them, which can shock a human to the point of them turning into ash upon contact. They get their name due to their ability to create small, controlled black holes that can suck in large quantities of prey within a defined area, set by the eels as they create the black holes. The eels can solidify these black holes and eat them for the worth of all the prey they sucked in at any point the eels choose.

The Sea King

Guardian and probable destructor of the alien temples, this huge sunfish will endlessly pursue anything that enters them as soon as it detects their heat signature within. When not doing this, it dwells in a craggy cage behind the Grand Fortress. Its body is purely black, with large amber eyes, and many white tentacles hanging down, which absorb heat from other Leviathans or underwater volcanoes to let it grow even more. It can teleport short distances, and it’s ghastly tentacles can spread very far. If you’re touched by one, all your heat will be absorbed and you will instantly freeze to death. If a Leviathan is touched by one, it’ll have to be continually touched, or touched by several, to also meet this outcome. It can also communicate through telekinesis to humans, though it has only ever made two commands to those inside the temples, being “GET OUT”, and when they are in the throne room that contains the portal to Alternate, “STOP”.


Metal covered in de-spiked Alphagrass can be a very hard-to-break material. Artifacts from the alien temples are spread out across many museums in the Milky Way. Their bricks are used in exotic houses, though gathering them is dangerous due to the Sea King. Crimson Dragon scales are used in armor and weapons. Acid that drips here is used in bullets, darts, and arrows. If the secret of how Singulariteels create their black holes is discovered, they could be very useful.