The Thegatusverse is a verse containing a civilization/species known as the Thegatite.

The Thegatusverse, other than the civilization it contains, is quite boring, being very empty with few galaxies.

The Thegatite are a very interesting species, with all of them having an unusual love for writing long texts about fictional/real planets. Their language is extremely advanced and orderly, allowing them to write about pretty much anything without having to come up with new characters/words.

The Thegatite are a big civilization, having colonized most of the planets in the Thegatusverse and even expanding beyond their home verse.

A Thegatite's attention span is RIDICULOUSLY BIG, with them being able to focus on reading a Thegatite text without looking away once.

The Thegatite texts have been read by many creatures, with their texts getting mixed reception. Some creatures have applauded the Thegatites for being able to write such detailed and long texts, while others have criticized the texts for how they are hard to read due to them being so long.

The Thegatites visited Thegatus many times before, and have recorded and observed the planet extensively. A massive project was created to terraform the exterior of the Thegatusverse to look exactly like Thegatus in 431 OYC, with it taking over 15 OYC to finish.

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