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Themagus is the version of Thegatus, a planet located in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way, that exists within the parallel dimension that is Alternate. It is the only known place of entry into Alternate, as its bottom layer can be accessed through a portal at the bottom layer of Thegatus. However, it being divided into layers is its only big similarity to its counterpart.

Quite apart from Thegatus’ aquatic nature, Themagus is an incredibly dry planet, a valley spanning almost half of its entire surface area covering massive amounts of it. Other than that, the area is a huge desert with rolling sand similar in texture to ash. Occasionally, huge spires of rock and bone can be found jutting out of the sand; this bone is not of any known creature.

At the very surface of this massive canyon on Themagus is Layer 1; much like in Thegatus, this layer stretches downward about 900 kilometers before giving way to Layer 2, a much more complicated place. Whereas Layer 1 is incredibly empty, Layer 2 has many strange structures of sandstone and obsidian awkwardly stretching out from the sides of the slowly thinning canyon. These structures curve upward in an unpredictable manner, islands of rock sometimes with struggling flora on them at their tips. These structures become more common as Layer 2 stretches on. Below it, and yes, like Thegatus’ layer 2, it stretches approximately 2500 vertical kilometers, is what appears to be a complete stop in the descent, a massive floor of charred sandstone. However, small openings lead into Layer 3. Layer 3 is the largest layer of Themagus, stretching approximately 4000 kilometers (much more than Thegatus’ Layer 3), and contains fewer rock structures though has many caves leading into massive underground clearings with small pockets of oasis water within. Layer 4 is incredibly small at 500 kilometers, though truly incredible to look at. Whereas before it began the canyon had been slowly thinning, at this point it opens into a massive expanse, islands of rock piled on top of each other, forming massive towers with the odd curved platforms from Layer 2 appearing more common than ever, connecting these pillars of stone together. A massive sea of oasis water lays at the bottom of Layer 4, and extends downward into the thin caves leading to Layer 5. This is the final layer, and seems to extend about 2000 vertical kilometers. No really outstanding features exist here but a massive ruined temple, in which Alternate is entered, which sits crookedly at the mouth of a huge acid river. There are also huge stalactites and stalagmites of hardened sand in this layer. This is where the canyon ends, though caves can stretch down about 3000 kilometers deeper, meaning they could technically be considered a “Layer 6”.

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