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The This holiday big gig unlimited data plans include select samsung phones with absolute zeroverse is a verse with 200 insects. There are 100 worker insects, 75 trhrhrhrhrhhrhrhr insects, and 13 roallalllllllllll insects. There are two special ones, the king and the queen.

Worker Insects

The worker insects in the This holiday big gig unlimited data plans include select samsung phones with absolute zeroverse don't really do much. All they do is work for the king and queen. The jobs include fixing a galaxy, piecing a crack in this universe or grabbing something from the Ketabsoverse.

Trhrhrhrhrhhrhrh insects

These kinds of insects are responsible for making the worker insects' jobs easier. Sometimes they are lazy though. They sometimes dont want to do their job, and get fired. The next day they get re-hired because they are desperate.

Roallalllllllllll insects

These insects are simply responsible for doing stuff while the worker and trhrhrhrhrhhrhrh insects are off doing work for the king and queen insects. They often grab food and water from the infinite cabinet that they have. The roallalllllllllll insects look a lot like Mozart. Since there are only 13, sometimes it can take up to an hour to do the assignments.

The king and queen

These are the leaders of the insect group. They do nothing but sit in their chair. They ask the workers, trhrhrhrhrhhrhrhs and roallallllllllllls to do stuff for them. The other insects enjoy it but sometimes the king goes on vacation so the queen takes over. Sometimes the queen goes on vacation and the king takes over. Sometimes both go on vacation and then all the insects get free time.



All of the insects' favourite food is the cheeseburger. The cheeseburger on the right is their only cheeseburger, so they use duplicators to make multiple copies. This cheeseburger is the one cheeseburger they can get. It is severely protected.

How its protected

There are lasers, locks, metal, repulsors, many many different types of matter, antimatter, other bait fake cheeseburgers that set off traps, spikes, some cheese walls, cheese balls, miniature verses, viruses, sproyongs, rock, wood, fire, oppomatter, air hockey tables, combination locks, key locks, safes, wheels, car fuel, stars, planets, galaxies, galaxy clusters, boxes, cardboard, knives, leaves, calendars, insect statues, human statues, TREEVERSIAN statues, calendar statues, leaf statues, knife statues, cardboard statues, box statues, and a piece of lettuce.

Other food

They get other food from workers, most often in the Ketabsoverse with food generators invented by the citizens of Chetoma.

These food include cheese, ketchup, tomatoes, sausages, and finally, lettuce.

Magnetic field

This verse has a magnetic field. that looks like an antenna. It is red, and it signifies something. If you place anything at all that is metal on the side of this verse, it would immediately move to the top or bottom depending on which side it is closer to. That is why you never take your braces to this verse.

This was such a problem it has to be fixed. The insects are currently working on a project where they build something magnetic on the whole surface area of the This holiday big gig unlimited data plans include select samsung phones with absolute zeroverse, which will remove the magnetic field and make the place much less dangerous. It is expected to finish in 2182.