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Three ("Be" in The Pencil Language or Tr in Future English) is the 3rd verse of the One Chain, and is one of the strangest verses out of all of them.


Three appears to be a black sphere of sorts, just like all the other verses in the One Chain. However, this sphere seems to be more like a black hole than a sphere, since Three also bends spacetime around it.


Three has exactly 3 Twos inside of it. That brings the total number of Ones to 6. These Twos are even more chaotic than the Ones inside a Two, and Twos inside Three can bounce around with extreme force, possibly even ejecting a Two outside of Three.


Three has many anomalous properties. Here are some interesting ones.

  • Three also appears to have an extremely strong gravitational pull, and has been seen to grow quite big before magically shrinking somehow.
  • Three seems to be able to clip out of reality, since Three has just disappeared without a trace many, many times before.
  • Three has been seen to suck matter inside of it. However, all matter that has been sucked inside Three has strangely disappeared from all of reality.
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