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Whats exactly is the Other Thing?

Time and Reality isn't everything. The entirety of existence doesn't boil down to Time and Reality. What is Reality? Reality is whatever is perceived to be "Real." Reality is whatever physically "Exists." It is everything that is physical. Time, on the other hand is something that is relative, it exists in the Universal Set of Rules. Every verse must contain Time, and any verse that breaks this rule quickly descends into chaos. If one tries to imagine a world without Time, they will most likely fail. If one does succeed, one will most likely go crazy. If one does not go crazy or fail, one will have a much deeper understanding of what Time, really is. Reality is different. Reality is everything that exists.

So, is Reality important? Does Reality exist? Or is Reality just an abstraction, a concept, an idea. So, how can Reality be a physical entity, something that contains everything that exists. It all depends on how you perceive Reality. Reality could just be a set of rules, such as the Universal Set of Rules, something that everything that exists follows no matter what. Reality could just be a term used to describe real objects. One could say that Time is a part of Reality. Time is distinctly Real. Time Exists. So, why is Time singled out in the first place? Shouldn't it just be Reality.

Reality cannot be a Verse. Reality is infinite, something truly infinite, something that encapsulates absolutely everything. If Reality is a Verse that contains everything that physically exists, then what is outside Reality, something that doesn't exist? The Other Thing is what exists outside Reality. The Other Thing is something different, something else, something other than Reality. The Other Thing is what happens if one were to make Reality a Verse. The Other Thing is Order. The Other Thing is Chaos. The Other Thing is MORE

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