What is time? Time is how something changes over this direction. We commonly use the units:

  • Milliseconds (1 thousandth of second)
  • Frames (1 thirtieth of second)
  • Seconds (1 sixtieth of a minute)
  • Minutes (60 seconds make a minute)
  • Hours (60 minutes make an hour)
  • Days (24 hours make a day)
  • Weeks (7 days make a week)
  • Months (1 twelfth of a year)
  • Seasons (1 quarter of a year)
  • Years (365.2425 days make a year)
  • Decades (10 years make a decade)
  • Centuries (10 decades make a century)
  • Millenniums (10 centuries make a millennium)

Time goes forward at different rates. Motion slows time down. Just because we think it always goes forward doesn't mean it does. Time can also go back using a wormhole.

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