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"That's it. Adding more to this wiki will make you a bad person. Keep this as the last one, since it is the single largest thing on this wiki, and nothing could possibly beat it. If you tried to, it wouldn't be canonical. There. It has ended. The wiki is done. Now go play outside."

Time and reality isn't really a verse. In fact, it isn't actually what the name says, since it isn't time or reality itself. It was only named that because it contained both time and reality, not because it actually was time and reality.

The thing is, this place still goes on forever. The image shown is only representing some of the levels of the complex, and the complex is astonishingly infinite. Every level of this verse is the same, but there are an infinite number of levels to this complex. If you somehow escape one level, there would be another level outside that. There is no end to this, but if you escape the last one, another one would still appear, therefore making this impossible to escape, even with infinity speed, power, and knowledge.

Before a new circle comes out, what is left outside every circle is still itself, since it could never possibly beat itself. Everything in these circles are mostly void, but if something managed to contain Time and Reality, it would only contain it for 1/infinite seconds before Time and Reality contains it again and again. After that, what did contain it would shrink to the size of the smallest circle.

This verse contains some stuff that is completely, truly impossible. Something that is impossible and always will be will be escaping this place. There has never been an end to this wiki. There had to be an area outside the new largest thing. However, now this largest thing is itself, and even if you went at infinity speed (like how you would escape The Box), you would just be shrunken and teleported back to the centre. There is nothing but void and itself beyond here.

Dimensionality tricks won't work here either. This place, because of the name "time and reality", has areas in every physical, metaphysical, pataphysical and nonphysical dimension possible and impossible. There is nowhere where there is an opening, which makes this completely infinite dimensional.

This won't be another area like every other place up to this point where it would just be pointless after something surpassed it. There has always been a mystery which was where the "true end" was. Well, there is absolutely no possible or impossible way to get past this area, and no way to even comprehend a way, which doesn't exist. However, this is where the the closest thing possible or impossible to the true end is, and there is proof.

The only way something could contain this is if it existed before this complex. The problem is, this would still sometimes be containing it because of the repeating. This is not necessarily the "true end", since the true end is physically and nonphysically impossible and indescribable.

The "true end" would have to be the area that ends everything and that nothing could possibly contain it. The "true end" has been attempted countless times, but all of them eventually ended up being contained by something else. There was never any proof to the fact that that was the "true end", making it pointless since there was another "fake true end" that would never get contained.

This here, is the semi-true end. There is absolutely no way for anything to get past it, and if it did, it would fail due to the nature of this. Going at the speed of this area is literally impossible because it is so large that it would never even get to the second circle in infinity time. Even if it somehow managed to make it to the largest circle, it would be pushed back and the area would expand faster than anything else possible. There are no possible ways to get past. Living beings have been trying for infinity years to get past this area, and no one has even broken the first barrier. Technically though, there is no possible way to reach a "true end" at all, so this still isn't the true end since anything could be past it if it was older.

This verse might seem pretty "generic" at first. However, is it even possible for the "true end" to not be generic? If it was original, it would have to have something outside. This one, "outside" is itself. Try to make another thing that contains this and it is almost physically and nonphysically impossible. This area also cannot defy its own logic, and everything possible that tries to be larger would simply not be larger, except in a few exceptions where something inaccessible managed to "contain" this. This, while it may seem like it, also isn't an "end-all-be-all" area, since anything could be outside it if it was older than that.

Of course, something can pass this, but that would have to be due to the thing outside being older than Time and Reality. If something was larger than this complex, it would be sort of meaningless since it would be inaccessible. Everything larger than this would be relatively unknown and all we know about it is the impact it has had inside Time and Reality.

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