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peeing in the hipp hipp yo dont hug me wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi buy

The Toiloot watervers is a really disgusting smelling verse, but it is very useful. It is only 1 atom smaller than Shamp woovers and therefore the same size as Dish wipesvers. It has a lot of toiloots, which are variations of toilets.

Toiloot water

A Toiloot is basically a toilet, but you don't need to flush. This may not sound like much, but flushing uses a lot of energy, and it is also very inconvenient and noisy. Since this verse is so huge, if the toiloots were just regular toilets, the sound would damage your ears at all times, and the energy used would be so much that the toilets would all stop working because there is too much energy.

Since the toiloots are user-friendly, you can always use this verse as a bathroom whenever you want, since we stole the cube straight from the managers of the Shamp woovers but don't tell them that, they don't know yet and if they figure it out they would hate us.

Whenever you need to do your business, you just come to this verse and use one of the toiloots, and you don't even need to flush. It takes around 5 seconds to use this every time, so it is very quick. You never have to use a toilet ever again. Ditch those stupid flushing handles and ignore that annoying noise, switch to using the new Toiloots from the Toiloot watervers.

Also, there is a lot of toiloot water because it is necessary for the toiloots to work. You can take some of the toiloot water and throw it on the floor, we don't mind. There is a good cleaning service used to clean all of this up every day, it is made of 2 mover cells, 4 push cells, 2 rotator cells and 2 mover cells and the cleaning service will push all of the toiloot water into the trash cells.

Peeing in the hipp hipp

Whenever you pee in one of the toiloots in the Toiloot watervers, the pee will go through the tube system underground and eventually end up in a huge dome called the hipp hipp. The hipp hipp is brown and 35 ly wide and it can hold a lot of pee, but when it is almost full, it converts all of the pee into a different matter using a device. What device? Come on, this is literally the AD wiki, anything is possible here, just accept that pee can be changed into something different now. There isn't really anything else logical to change it into other than, well, more toiloots. Therefore, whenever there is too much pee in the hipp hipp, all of the pee will get converted into even more toiloots to use.

Yo don't hug me

One thing you need to be careful of is the amount of disgusting things there are on this verse. If you use it properly, the toiloots will be fine. But you definitely don't want to hug this verse because it will get all of the disgusting stuff on you and you will smell terrible. Touching the toiloots with your hands is fine because there is an automatic hand cleaner upon leaving this verse, but do not hug it. It's a bad idea to hug this verse, you'll smell terrible.

If you do hug this verse, you can get the disgusting stuff off you by using the shamp woo in the Shamp woovers, they have a pretty good service for cleaning. But whatever you do, do not use the Dish wipesvers, they have a really bad cleaning service. They have to rely on Clorox Bleach to clean and that is bad for your skin, so don't listen to them, they're bad.

Wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi buy

The description given to this verse by its creator was "peeing in the hipp hipp yo dont hug me wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi buy". The "peeing in the hipp hipp" part refers to the fact that if you pee, the pee goes to the hipp hipp to create more toiloots. The "yo dont hug me" likely refers to the fact that hugging this verse is not advised, since it will make you disgusting and smelly. Finally, the "wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi buy" is probably supposed to be a contrast from the other mark ends, which were gibberish followed by "bye" or "hi". The way "bye" is spelled as "buy" instead is meant to be a source of humour, but that's because the creator of the verse and the mark has strange humour in lots of ways. Obviously, he did make verses with ridiculous names like "Dish wipesvers" or other random nonsense.