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The Transcendent Omniverse is a monstrous amalgamation of reality. If an entity that isn't an omni-god or an entity of terror exits this verse, they will have the information of them in the Core of Everything corrupted, glitching them beyond nonexistence and into a beyond indescribable place more anomalous than even the Glitch Core and Unexistence. The shell is also made of the material making up The Sphere's outer casing. This verse also has self-containment.

If its existence state is possible, then it's here. If its existence state is impossible, then it's here. No words can describe how much this contains. It contains the past, it contains the present, it contains the future. The 1st iteration of the Transcendent Omniverse contains the last iteration of n-hypercube systems.

Entities of Terror

An entity of terror.

Entities of Terror are entities that have omnipotence and will torture anything that exits the Transcendent Omniverse, if it somehow exits it without being glitched. They are ridiculously powerful. They guard the verse beyond the Transcendent Omniverse from being entered. They usually trap the entity in an inescapable fireball that can only be escaped by Entities of Terror or Omni-Gods to burn them for the rest of eternity.

Death Swarm

The death swarm is a giant swarm of hostile Logical Terminators on every iteration of the Transcendent Omniverse. They'll consume anything that tries to bypass this verse using their logic-defying powers. They will also hide from you using their dimensional hopping.