The Triviaverse is an example of an average verse which gained fame due to all texts talking about it including an insanely long trivia list, as the Triviaverse has been involved in countless coincidences which somehow made the verse more interesting.

The Triviaverse's structure is extremely boring, as it just has a bunch of galaxies, superclusters, stars, planets, and all the other things which can be found in a normal Universe.

The Triviaverse's appearance is also very boring, and simply looks like a Universe with a slightly transparent barrier.


  • The Triviaverse was created in the 69th OYC day of the 69th OYC year.
    • This is one of the biggest reasons why the Triviaverse became well known.
  • The Triviaverse used to have giant creatures which looked like whales living in them, but they died out after approximately 5040 Earth years.
    • These creatures died out due to their extreme size, which caused all of them to soon burst apart.
  • The Triviaverse does not have any gaseous planets and barely any terrestrial planets. Most of the planets in the Triviaverse are liquid.
  • Stars can be purple-colored in the Triviaverse due to them having a strange atomic composition.
    • These purple-colored stars also give off insane amounts of heat.
  • Every galaxy in the Triviaverse have an invisible barrier surrounding them which repel anything which gets too close to them.
  • This verse used to be known as the Randomuser66verse before it suddenly got changed for no apparent reason.
  • The speed of time is 9.9999999995324919949x the speed of time in a regular Universe.
  • There is one black hole in the Triviaverse which somehow doesn't absorb light, making it very visible.
  • A very loud banging sound can be heard in the Triviaverse every 124 OYC. The origin of this sound is unknown.
  • The Triviaverse cannot be moved by a Stealbot because the verse's barrier is too slippery for a Stealbot's hooks to latch onto.
  • A piece of material talking about the Triviaverse has been found in the Triviaverse. This material will disappear at an interval of roughly 5 OYC.
  • The Triviaverse has been moved over 812 times inside its Cetaverse.
    • Most of these times, it had only been moved a few miles.
  • A creature known as "Gregory" tried to fire a Cosmic Cannon at the Triviaverse, but pointed it the wrong way and obliterated himself.
    • This incident became known as "The Time The Cosmic Cannon Pointed The Wrong Way", a relatively unoriginal name.
  • 34571 creatures have died inside the Triviaverse.
  • A large creature known as Qwefrg lives in the Triviavese. Qwefrg is very friendly, but cannot communicate well with any creature.
  • A machine that can be used to manipulate the Triviaverse is present on a planet in the verse. This machine, however, has been destroyed as creatures feared that it would be too powerful.
  • The Triviaverse will expand at a random basis. It has been seen to be over LY wide [f(3) in Ice's Salad Function].
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