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The Trueverse is a very large place in terms of how it functions and what it is.

Its large size is very well for the verse, as if it were even a few million light years smaller, it would not be able to house its guardian bird, Xoros, the protector of the great collection of Vs that lie withing this place, which would be ~50 per trueverse.

The vs within it give it it odd colors, with the yellows and greens coming from the shed bird feathers from its guardian. The bird itself is a very kind creature, allowing many colonist to enjoy the vast expanse of the Trueverse. Any that intentionally destroy large amounts of life are erased by powers only surpassed by Chunky Cheese.

The reason it is so small in comparison to V (but still absolutely gargantuan) is that the guardian bird and its alternate forms in other Trueverses had made a house for these Vs in order to protect the life within them.