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A large, tube-like verse filled with some strange phenomena, getting less and less regular as you go farther from the center.

Central Area

Direct Center

Nothing out of the ordinary, a few types of barrels and random verses that the Omniverse may contain. The only oddity is that there aren't any oddities.

West of Center

Same contents as the Direct Center, however the Omniverses are gone, getting replaced by copies of the Kaoverse, all of which are in the others category of their matter containment. the Tube of Terror is the largest container of Kaoverses due to this fact, although it holds under 1% of total Kaoverses. These are, however, the region's most numerous verses

East of Center

A single worm-like line across a simple background, with the labels, from left to right, being: Western Region, Central-Western Region, Direct Center, Central-Eastern Region, and Eastern Region

left to right: Western Region, Central-Western Region, Direct Center, Central-Eastern Region, and Eastern Region

Once more having very similar contents to the Direct Center, the eastern reaches of the central Tube of Terror have a collection of n=3-6 TREEVERSES to go along with their other contents, not having any particular verse replaced, although Barrels are located here less frequently than in the other two reaches of the center, with larger barrel-types being favored.

West-Central Area

This and all further western reaches are home to the infamous, glitchy, and physics breaking (yet well contained) Giboblins. These things require no sort of fuel to function, simply wandering around space with their cartoonishly large paddle-feet they use to propel themselves and annoy others. The West-Central Area (W-CA) is also has a larger number of small barrel-types and Kaoverses, along with a few unique universe types from elsewhere. Most don't have pages and have little reason to be logged anyways.

West-Central Eastern Reaches (W-CER)

The W-CER is the most similar to the West of Center, as well as being the birthplace of the first Giboblins. This area randomly generates weapons of most humanoid species found in the instance of The Box where the Tube of Terror is located. These weapons are usually tribal, but have a notable chance of being modern, and a very low chance of being pre-space age. One intergalactic laser launcher was found in the hands (and later stomach dimension) of a Giboblin in the W-CER of the ToT. Giboblins in the area use these to annoy any unfortunate planet-level civilizations that they come across, even causing some to collapse if they are not prepared.

West-Central Central Zone (W-CCZ)

The pattern of weapon spawning is continued in the W-CCZ, as these are far more frequent with similar chances of what exactly is generated. Within this transitory region to the truly unthinkable, some smaller societies have to be protected by Boxial peacekeepers due to Giboblins destroying so many societies located here, with more weaponry comes more chances for advanced murder machines. The laws of physics also warp more, making planets, life, and especially of the sapient type far less frequent when combined with Giboblins. These aside, the W-CCZ begins to contain many objects of smaller size, having a few large stars separate from universes along with smaller universe types being less common, and the larger ones gone entirely.

West-Central Western Frontier (W-CWF)

Weapon generation is further increased, and some now crash into stars and some are so dense they turn into planets made of very strange materials due to gravity. This is all because Giboblins also reproduce faster in this are of the tube, and have begin to spread into the far west. Various supernatural locations are also in this and the WP-EE, such as diet versions of The Backrooms that are for people that only try to glitch out of space and not time within the ToT's Box's borders. Large snakes also begin to generate in the void, some even eat Giboblins on occasion.

Western Portion

The western portion phases out Giboblin territory with increased generation of space animals, all of which have no qualms consuming Giboblins who can do next to nothing to them. Spaceship compasses tend to fail at this point, and true navigation becomes impossible without intervention from a being of high power. Boats with ridiculously large oars also generate throughout this portion of the structure.

Western Portion Eastern Reaches (WPER)

The first place where cosmic fauna starts to generate, along with some unlucky Giboblins and relatively small planet-sized explosions across this area. Boats spawn in the border areas near the WPCA. WPER cosmic fauna are actually larger then in any other part of the western ToT.