A massive number which is represented by the symbol

How it's calculated

It all begins with nesting functions.

first we define a function f0 a being an index into a nesting function (in this case the addition, multiplication, exponentiation chain):

and so on.

Then define f1 as a nesting function of f0:

Now you have a function that can output stupid big numbers with tiny inputs.

But we're not done.

We can define f2 as a nesting function of f1 and f3 as a nesting function of f2 as do this over and over again up to infinity.

And we're still not done.

We can define g0 as an index into the f functions:

Now we can do the same thing with the g functions as we did with the f functions.

And that's not all.

We can create another series h that does exactly the same thing to the g functions. And we can repeat this an infinite amount of times.

And we can index into the actual tiers of this sequence.

Let's stop here (we could keep nesting and indexing but for simplicity's sake let's stop here). Let's define TW(x) as an index into this system:

Now we can finally calculate Tweers (Massive) Number

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