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Two ("Bo" in The Pencil Language or Od in Future English) is another weird verse that is just like One, but with two Ones inside it. Two has been seen to completely phase through verses somehow, and moves randomly throughout Three.


Two is shaped like a cube, but appears to be a black sphere from the outside. The reason for that is because of Two's weird position in reality. It is sort of between reality and nonreality, and that somehow changes how it looks.


Two, unlike One, has an actual structure of sorts. Two is divided into exactly 10,000,000 different x, y, and z coordinates. The two Ones that it contains are usually positioned at the x, y, and z coordinates of 13978, 12739, 10976 and 8980, 8018, 10984.

However, this position is not fixed, and the Ones can freely move around Two. That has also caused the Ones to collide with each other, strangely making them disappear.

Two, just like One, does not have any life.

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