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For the understanding of the Tyàtian Empire, we need to understand Tyàts' history.

The first species to develop was the square species, a species with only eyes, but can speak or hear. They also don't really have DNA. Even though they are only 4mm thick, they also have a non-euclidian space and are very powerful.

In 1671 EY (Earth Years), Treeversians landed on Tyàts. They made several colonies, with the first one being Tiaba (note: there is no "b" in the Tyàmeẁ language, however there is in the Treeversian's language).

The empire was made by the country of Hìqèpya ([çyqæ̃pja]), after warring many other Treeversian countries in the continent of Sìmnya ([syɴja]). It renamed itself to MèqTyàtsosz Waqarì in 1921 EY, after it conquered the last Treeversian country in Sìmnya.


In 1954 EY, they made the fatal mistake of warring Galeszà ([ɢaʎeʃɑ]), which had a population of 8% squares. This was enough to defeat the entirety of the Tyàtian-Empirian army, and in 1955, the empire split into the original countries.

peak of the empire

Species Apperance, Culture and Flag

They looked like Treeversian humans (normal, earthling humans). Their flag was a recolored flag of Rondônia, Brazil, however, it wasn't based on it and didn't even know Rondônia or Earth existed.