ULTIMA is the God of everyone and everything. It lives outside of everything that Place is called: Infinity Void there is nothing beyond it, if ULTIMA would travel in and direction it would come right back to where it started the dimension below would be a floating ball inside the void. For ULTIMA it would be the Size of a Football.

Also NO one knows that ULTIMA exists, and ULTIMA is invisible to every entity that exists.

Its motivations are unknown, it doesnt interfere in anything.

ULTIMA is All the Omnis you can think of

Technically ULTIMA doesnt even have a Manifestation it just is.

But if it wanted it could make and break as many Dimensions as it wants including his own but if he'd do that the Outcome is to crazy as to explain because if the Infinity Void would get erased there would be Nothing to exist in but ULTIMA of Course cant not exist

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