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Ubersketch is a Transcendent Omni-God. He is very powerful but scarcely seen. He is the enemy of Spiritbackup, who definitely is not Ubersketch (why would you think that?). One of his only weaknesses is w substitution which is when r and l get replaced by w.

Ubersketch vs. VoidSansXD

A fight between VoidSansXD and Ubersketch would usually result in a tie.

Case 1: VoidSansXD says "if u kil me ur mom gay" Ubersketch points out this statement only declares the opponent's mother is indeed gay and only if the killing is successful, and survives.

Case 2: VoidSansXD says "if u try 2 kil me u gay" Ubersketch loses 10% of his being. The rest is already gay, he survives.

Ubersketch vs. [[[The System]]]

Here is how Ubersketch would fare against [[[The System]]]

Case 1: Ubersketch attempts to kick [[[The System]]]. [[[The System]]] uses its oppression to redirect Ubersketch's toe to the corner of a table. Ubersketch experiences pain and is incapacitated.