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The Ultimate Continuum is a verse that contains the Ternary Omnius and is contained by the Name Not Found and it's the last in this set of sequence; Binary, Ternary, Quaternary, etc. This continuum is the absolute last sequence.

Size Explained

The Ultimate Continuum is so big, that even an infinity omnius would pale in comparison to the size of this """"verse""". It represents everything that the most powerful Omni gods can even start to comprehend. And this is the first verse (all verses bigger than this also apply to what's about to be said) that all Omni Gods can't destroy. I'll list some milestones of this "verse".

Sequence 3

Now, I'm not going to try and describe the sets of sequence 3 and beyond, as they are too complicated to describe. This is put here as it is the first one that cannot be described by any entity.

Sequence 5

Sequence 5 is the limit of the Hyper Void Lord and is the biggest possible set of nothingness ever. It's so massive that even Gerald has a hard time explaining it to mortal minds.

Sequence 8

Sequence 8 is the limit of really any god's destructive power. All entities on The Official Cosmic Entity Hierarchy stronger than an Omegahuman can survive here.

Sequence 1,382

Sequence 1,382 is where the glitches start happening. At the beginning of this layer, they're stable, but very slowly, they start turning unstable. In fact, at the limit of sequence 1382, it's so glitchy that it already surpasses the Paradoxical Infinity in glitchiness.

Sequence 1,383

Sequence 1,383 is where sequences start getting so unstable that they produce copies of themselves (faster and faster as the sequences go higher). And since copies of sequences are IN the sequence, sequences at this level or above are constantly doubling faster and faster as the sequences get bigger.

Sequence 1,387

Sequence 1,387 is the point where sequences are doubling at the maximum possible speed; 100 times per Voidsecond.

Sequence Infinity

Sequence infinity of the hierarchy is the point where all cardinal numbers have been surpassed in the sequence, and also has a strange barrier that prevents The Multi-Omega from growing to this sequence's size.