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as much energy as The SUN. They contains Extrememovion rays, which are enough to increase atom and molecule movement to

times as much as movement at room tempature, causing lethal tempatures.

Most atoms explode into tiny bits when hit with the rays of a ULTIMATE SUN, but some atoms with megaquarks, like megahydrogen, seem to be immune. Megahelium is also kind of immune, but only for 10 minutes. This explains why the the part of the The Space that is directly below Ultimate SUNs are uninhabited.

To harvest the energy from these beasts, you need a Megahydrogen suit. Megahydrogen is solid instead of liquid at the tempature of ULTIMATE SUNS, so this works fine. Next, clog the ULTIMATE SUN with megahydrogen, building up pressure. Eventually, some of substance that the ULTIMATE SUN is made of (ultrahydrogen and ultrahelium) will explode, allowing you to harvest for Extrememovion rays.

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