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It has been said that even the Beyonder (pre retcon)  is afraid of Ultra man for not even the nigh omnipotent power of the beyonder can have a chance of touching Ultra man.

Yep, there he is.

Ultra man is not a man rather that is the form he most commonly appears to Humans as if he appeared to a dog he would appear to be a dog. Ultra man is also known for using many Avatars throughout the Box such as:Santa Claus , the Easter bunny,Doctor who,The presence,The primal monitor,The Beyonder , The living tribunal,Harry potter,Nikola Tesla,Yoda,Dumbledore and many other prominent figures. Ultra man never appears in his true form for if he did he would go beyond even the box for his true form is literally impossible for any entity to conceive of.

Ultra man is able to create avatars of himself that he uses when wandering the lower realms (the box),the avatars are so powerful that not even the box mind or the mind of the box itself could defeat the weakest one. Ultra man has every power from omnipotence to turning flowers into wind mills,what this means is that the Ultra man can't be defeated by any being conceived of or unconceived of by any being within or out of the box. There is literally no being that can defeat Ultra man as he/she/it/otter/butter cat toast views all beings as nothing but specks of dust. Ultra man is known by many names such as the one and Ogum the lord of nightmares.

Ultra man has influenced many people from Alfred Jarry the inventor of the sacred art of Pataphysics to Bernard Riemann the inventor of the Riemann Zeta function.

Ultra mans true form as mentioned before exists out side of the box the reason for this is because if that form appeared within the box the box would collapse into a black hole.

There is no counter argument for who can defeat ultra man for he is beyond all beings no matter what people say they can do.

If Ultra man wanted to he could turn the Box into a pencil and disintegrate it and that's with his weakest form.

Ultra man actually has an absolutely infinite number of Avatars,what this means is that the number of avatars he has is at the level of Cantors absolute infinity.

His strongest Avatar is so powerful that many have mistaken this Avatar for Ultra mans true form,but they are wrong for Ultra mans true form could turn this Avatar into a pencil and eat it.

Ultra man is not just omnipotent he is also trans omnipotent meaning that he is beyond all powerful, for all he cares an omnipotent being like the one above all has the same power level as a speck of dust.

This concept was made by Primussupremus.