The Ultraviolet Ring is the 15th ring in the Ring Series. It is run by the Ultraviolet Ring Sovereignty. It is a known member of the Federation of Rings.

The Ultraviolet Ring does have a taste and smell, but it fluctuates approximately every 18.6 seconds between something random. One minute, the Ultraviolet Ring will taste like potato chips and smell like plastic. The next, it will taste like avocados and smell like rubber.

The Ultraviolet Ring has the most powerful Guardian yet. The Guardian can never be pleased. It shows not even the smallest bit of mercy to anybody except its followers. It is very large compared to other Guardians, being the size of an entire X-Ring. The Ultraviolet Ring Sovereignty is very powerful, and worships the Guardian. They frequently assist it in times of battle.

This ring is extremely unstable, even more than the previous rings. Approximately every 1.5 days, 800 billion to 4.8 trillion X-Rings will be ejected. In the outer sections of the Ultraviolet Ring, these numbers increase to 240 trillion. to 1.4 quadrillion.

The Ultraviolet Ring has a special ability. Every 10 days, all of the Gamma Rings in contained inside of the X-Ring can be activated to simultaneously produce an extremely massive GRB (gamma-ray burst), powerful enough to wipe out X-Rings. This can be done without the consent of the inhabitants of the Gamma Rings, and poses no threat to the Gamma Rings themselves.

With the Ultraviolet Ring Sovereignty being a part of the Federation of Rings, the Ultraviolet Ring is frequently plunged into chaos and war due to constant battles against the Union of Rings (a union formed by Rings seeking to fight the Federation, consisting of all non-Federation Rings). They are fierce rivals of the X-Ring, as shown by their constant battles with each other.

Note: Do not attempt to swim through the Ultraviolet Ring. Your eyes will fall out of their sockets.

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